Aniline Leather Cleaning and Care Kit
1 x Aniline Cleaner, 125 ml
1 x Aniline Cream, 150 ml
1 x Cleaning Sponge
1 x Cleaning Cloth

The Aniline Leather Care Kit is suitable for porous, fine-grained smooth leather, which has a light base protection, where a drop of liquid is not immediately absorbed. Oiled and greased leather can also be cleaned and maintained with this set. These leathers are often used in the furniture sector, as well as bags and clothing. Always test care products for any possible changes first in a hidden area.

Application areas: Car Leather, Furniture Leather, Shoes, Bags & Accessories, Leather Clothing

For: Aniline leather, Pull Up leather

Aniline leather are porousd smooth leather . Such leathers are wonderfully warm and natural, but more delicate than surface-dyed smooth leather. Aniline leather is not always the same. Some leathers have a fine grain and are pre-impregnated, other leathers are coarse-pored and absorb any liquid immediately. The aniline leather care set is suitable for the fine-pored and pre-impregnated leather, and for the more sensitive leather, the impregnation and the Aniline Protector are the first choice. There is no general cleaner for the more sensitive leathers. Depending on the type of leather and stain must be decided individually. Give us a call or send us photos (complete picture + detailed picture ) to

For greased and oiled leather, the set can also be used. Again, there are variances. Some grease or oil leather are very dull and coarse textured, others are fine-grained and soft and semi-gloss. The silk-matt leather is the aniline care set the first choice and for the matt and coarse fat leather, the cleaning and care set for waxed leather.

For less common, more shiny aniline leather, the Gloss Cream is the alternative to Aniline Cream.

Adequate care is particularly important for porousd leathers, so that the leather is a little less sensitive and easier to clean. However, the most important protection always remains a careful handling of the natural product leather.

Because of the sensitivities of the porousd leather, all products must always be tested for changes in the hidden area first!


Because of the sensitivities of the porousd leather, all products must always be tested for changes in the hidden area first! Never apply the product directly to the leather, but rub the cleaner on a sponge or cloth and care first in a soft cloth. To do this, always apply the products in a circular fashion from seam to seam to avoid staining or banding.

Aniline Cleaner

For everyday cleaning, it is sufficient to dust the leather occasionally with a duster or dry duster. When cleaning the surface, apply a little cleaning foam on a sponge or cloth and clean it circularly and evenly from seam to seam. Do not clean too wet and do not rub too hard. Remains of the cleaner are taken up with a cloth moistened with water. In some porousd leathers there is a slight color abrasion. Then work more carefully and let it dry to see if it comes to unwanted color changes, which is rarely the case. Always let the leather dry naturally at room temperature.

Stains can also be cleaned with a soft cloth moistened with Aniline Cleaner. Do not work too wet to avoid edges. Dry the area darkened by moistening with a hair dryer with cold air, so that no water edges can form. If the leather is still dark after drying in the stain area, stretch and stretch the leather. Sometimes the leather additionally brightens through the opening of the pores. Always practice cleaning in the hidden area first! Check carefully with light leathers!

For difficult spots, it is always better to contact a specialist first. Quickly increases the mishap by improper cleaning attempts. In particular, with stains with dyes or fatty sites requires expert advice. We are happy to help you with any queries.

Aniline Cream

For everyday use, we recommend the Aniline Cream. The Aniline Cream is an effective stain protection and keeps the leather supple. Traces of wear on fatty leather are compensated by the Aniline Cream.

The Aniline Cream applied only on clean leather. First check for hidden changes at a hidden point! Moisten a soft, lint-free cloth with Aniline Cream and apply the leather surface evenly from seam to seam in a circular pattern. Let it retract briefly (10 min.) And repeat if necessary. New aniline leather should be treated several times during initial treatment in stress areas to prevent stains and discoloration. After application, slightly heat the surface with a hair dryer. The protective effect is thereby increased. Requested surfaces should be treated every three months. For less stressed areas, intervals of 6 to 12 months are sufficient.

Older leather or leather that is regularly exposed to sunlight or other sources of heat should also be cared for with the Aniline Protector . The Aniline Protector provides the necessary refatting for dry leather and protects against fading.

125 ml Aniline Cleaner in the foam dispenser bottle and 150 ml Aniline Cream are usually sufficient to treat a whole set of furniture. For particularly large trimmings, Aniline Cream is also available in a 250 ml container or as a liter container.


Aniline Cleaner

Ingredients according to INCI (International Nomenclature Cosmetic Ingredients): < 5 % ANIONIC TENSIDES


(According to INCI help allergic persons who are allergic to certain, usually for other harmless substances, identify them.)

Ingredients more comprehensible described: The Aniline Cleaner is a gentle, on the pH value of leathers matched cleaner.

In case of contact with eyes: Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses, if possible. Continue rinsing.

Shake before use! Protect from frost! Keep away from children!

Aniline Cream

Ingredients according to INCI (International Nomenclature Cosmetic Ingredients): AQUA, FLUORPOLYMER DISPERSION, CERA CARNAUBA, ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL


(According to INCI help allergic persons who are allergic to certain, usually for other harmless substances, identify them.)

Ingredients more comprehensible described: The Aniline Cream contains natural wax (care and appearance), fluoropolymers (stain protection), moisturizers (smoothness) and friction reducer (wear protection).

Shake before use! Protect from frost! Keep away from children!
Application: Care & Protect, Cleaners & Degreasers
Application Area: Bags & Cases, Car, Furniture, Leather Cloth, Saddle, Shoes & Boots
Leather Type: Aniline leather, Pull Up leather

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November 22, 2020 00:00

Super helpful customer service and product(s) perform as expected!

I contacted Colourlock for advice on caring for a stained, worn, susceptible, open-pores aniline lambskin leather. The agent was extremely helpful with the info and guidance provided. It's important to note that given the not-so-good condition the jacket was in, she had mentioned that it's not likely I'd be able to get rid of the stains with the DIY products and that to restore it fully, it'll need to be dyed. Nevertheless, I chose to try and see what I can accomplish at home with these products. I had carefully followed the instructions, as this sensitive aniline leather leaves no room for mistakes. The jacket's condition is improved and also is better protected. I recommend this product and Colourlock company.

April 11, 2021 00:00

Great protection and cleaner

Really cleans and protects my couch from 2 rowdy chihuahuas.

June 9, 2020 00:00

Moisturizer is good

Purchased a second hand aniline leather couch by Article. It was faded and dry in certain areas and had some scratches and water stains. I used 1 part distilled water and 1 part distilled white vinegar to clean it instead of the cleaner from this brand so idk how well the cleaner works yet. The distilled water and vinegar mix worked well to fade minor water stains but not the large ones. My review is for the moisturizer which is great. It evened out the color of areas that were the most faded and worn out and the leather feels very hydrated without compromising the integrity of the leather. I applied multiple coats on the areas that most needed it and used a whole bottle for my 88 inch couch front and back.

January 4, 2022 00:00

It works on aniline leather!

Having been quoted between £100’s and £1000’s to clean and refurbish my Vitra Eames lounge chair I decided I had nothing to lose by trying this product.I chose wisely. The cleaner works really well, removing marks and grubbiness easily without leaving any watermarks. It even lightened the dark wear points of the chair. I did use it several times and dried with a hair dryer between each clean.The cream is equally good, restoring the suppleness of the leather with three applications, again hair dryered between each application.Definitely worth the money, I wish I had treated the chair earlier in its life.The cream does darken wear points so go easy if this is an issue for you. I don’t actually mind, it adds to the character of the chair in my opinion.I recommend this product, it does exactly as it claims.

December 27, 2021 00:00


Item was of sterling quality! Packaging was first-rate. Remarkably elevated delivery. Superb seller.

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Content: 250 ml (US$13.61* / 100 ml)

Variants from US$20.04*