ColourScannerPRO Measure Device
for leather repair incl. database, scanner, bag, charging cable, color wheel

What is the biggest problem with repairing leather? We asked our customers and received the same reply over and over again: How can I manage mixing the right and fitting leather colour? Until now, the answer (and the challenge to the craftsman) was: a solid training, a keen eye for colours and lots and lots of mixing experience.

This will no longer be an issue - introducing the ColourScannerPRO!

The ColourScannerPRO is a very compact, Bluetooth®-tethered tool for formula selection which enables you to scan leather colours and immediately view fitting formula suggestions – making colour mixing a breeze.

The device will be calibrated by us and comes readily supplied with our up-to-date formula database, containing more than 500 colours from the automotive and furniture sector. We are continuously working on expanding this selection (aiming for 5,000 colours), steadily improving measuring precision.

Simply use your mobile phone (iOS and Android alike) to measure leather colours, to receive mixing suggestions or to create new formulas.

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