Crosslinker IC2
COLOURLOCK Crosslinker IC2 improves the friction values, sensitivity and protective qualities of Top Coat. It makes the surface more robust, and reduces the overall consumption Top Coat. With soft surfaces 1-2% COLOURLOCK Crosslinker IC2 must be added to COLOURLOCK Top Coat. 1% with soft furniture and garment leather, 2% with robust car and furniture leather. When colour changing in cars or furniture, we recommend adding an additional 2% Crosslinker IC2 to the COLOURLOCK Leather Colour.

On hard surfaces (dash boards, steering wheels, etc.) it is recommended to add 5% to the Leather Colour and 3% to the Top Coat. This is important for hard plastic surfaces to make them scratch resistant. On soft vinyl upholstery, we recommend adding 3% Crosslinker IC2 in the Leather Colour and also 3% in the Top Coat.

Important: The mixture of Top Coat and Crosslinker has to be stirred well before every use. If the mixture is not stirred before use it may dissolve the colour over time if exposed to water. Crosslinker IC2 is extremely reactive with water. All contact with water and humidity should be avoided. Always close the lid after use. The Crosslinker becomes viscous and then hard when in contact with water. Mix only as much Top Coat with Crosslinker as you need for the subsequent treatment. Otherwise the Crosslinker will lose its effect. Please follow the safety instructions.

This product is flammable. This product will need to be sprayed using a spray gun. It is suitable only for professionals who repair leather on a regular basis and have experience in spray work.
Leather Type: Aniline leather, Artificial leather, PU leather, Pigmented leather, Pull Up leather, Semi-aniline leather

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