Ink & Dye Blocker
  • Made in Germany
  • Prevents reappearance of old dye marks on leather
  • Creates a block between leather and dye stain

Application areas: Car Leather, Furniture Leather, Shoes, Bags & Accessories, Leather Clothing

For: Pigmented leather

COLOURLOCK Ink & Dye Blocker prevents the migration of old ink and other dye stains from coming through a newly coloured area. This is very effective when repairing stains caused by marker pens, ballpoint pens, glue migration or black mildew. Such marks often migrate through the new colour layer after a while. Applying the blocker will prevent this. Important: Clean the dye stains throughly to remove as much dye as possible before using the Blocker.

Leather Type: Pigmented leather

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