Leather Colour Luminous
COLOURLOCK Luminous Colours are available in addition to the 17 primary colours. Many leather items such as motorcycle racing suits, trendy handbags, jackets or other accessories have luminous or fluorescent coloured leather. As these luminous colours cannot be achieved only by using the 17 primary colours, the Luminous range comes in very handy for special work and increases the scope to repair and recolour. They can be mixed with our 17 primary Leather Colours to achieve a specific shade or tone.
Top Tip: If colouring an area in a fluorescent colour, apply a layer of white before and if necessary thin them down with water. Luminous Colours are somewhat transparent and slightly thicker than standard colours and hence show up better on a white background.
This product will need to be sprayed using a spray gun. It is suitable only for professionals who repair leather on a regular basis and have experience in spray work.
Leather Type: Aniline leather, Artificial leather, PU leather, Pigmented leather, Pull Up leather, Semi-aniline leather

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