Leather Fixative 100 ml

Leather Fixative is used to fix colours on leather garments during washing. It can also be used for the removal of water stains on natural and aniline leather.

Amount: 100 ml; 1 litre
For leather-textile mixtures, multi-coloured garments, single-coloured garments in black, red, blue, bordeaux and green: Always pre-soak in a bath with Leather Fixative!
Effect: Fixes tanning agents, colours and lipids inside the leather. Prevents the colours from washing out. Use preferably prior to washing.

  • Use in the bath, not in the washing machine.
  • Add half a bottle to approx. 10 litres hand hot water, max. 30 °C until covered.
  • Motorcycle suits: use a full bottle
  • Soak the garment thoroughly for approx. 60 minutes, moving occasionally.
  • Put it into the washing machine,without rinsing.

Careful: The product contains natural volatile acids. Avoid skin contact, use rubber gloves. Wash off skin or eyes with generous amounts of water. Keep away from children.

Application: Cleaners & Degreasers
Application Area: Bags & Cases, Furniture, Leather Cloth, Shoes & Boots
Leather Type: Aniline leather

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