Leather Sole Oil

The leather sole oil is the ideal leather care product for welted shoes with leather soles. Leather soles come in contact with moisture and must be maintained accordingly. The leather sole oil keeps the leather flexible, waterproofs it and increases the abrasion resistance of the sole.

Amount: 150 ml. One bottle is sufficient to treat several pairs of shoes several times.


Shake before use.

Break-in new soles first so that the fiber structure of the outersole gets a bit rough and becomes receptive to the product. When using for the first time, apply the leather sole oil sparingly and evenly two to three times without completely soaking the leather. Apply with a cloth or brush until the sole is saturated. Repeat one-coat application two to four times a year. Caution: Leather oil can cause stains on porous upper leather.


• If there are visible seams on the leather sole, please skip this area so that no oil gets into the shoe.
• Do not overapply! Avoid oversaturating the sole, so that the oil does not go inside the shoe.
• Do not treat the sole edge to avoid oil stains on the upper leather.
• Porous leather soles are more sensitive to weather than rubber soles. Therefore wear weather-resistant footwear for snow and continuous rain instead of leather soled shoes.
• This product is designed for outer shoe soles, it is not suitable for insoles.

Application: Care & Protect
Application Area: Shoes & Boots
Leather Type: Aniline leather

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