Licker Oil
COLOURLOCK Licker Oil is used to make dried and hardened old leather softer before it is professionally colored. Licker Oil is water-soluble and makes coloring easier. Application: First make all the necessary repairs with Filler or Liquid Leather. Then mix 20% Licker Oil with 80% warm water. Wipe the leather with the mixture and let the product sink into the surface. The mixture can be applied with a sponge or a cloth, or it can also be sprayed on very porous leathers on the backside of leather. Repeat if necessary. Wait at least a day before next treatment.

Leathers which are to be colored after the treatment with Licker Oil should always be degreased with Leather Cleaning Spirit before the coloration. Wait at least a day between the treatment with Licker Oil and coloration to give the oil time to sink into the fibres. The leather can not be made as soft as new, but it will be greatly improved, and the risk of breaking will be strongly reduced.
Leather Type: Pigmented leather

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