Metallic Effect
The COLOURLOCK Metallic Effect is available in pearl, bronze, gold, silver and red. It’s an additive for the Top Coat to achieve a metallic gleam on the leather. Normally, 5-10% of the Metallic Effect is added to the Top Coat Gloss, because most metallic leathers have a glossy surface. Metallic Effect can also be mixed with Top Coat Dull and any other mixtures of the different Top Coats. 

The Metallic Effect can be enhanced by multiple applications. Crosslinker IC2 always has to be added according to the recommendations.
In case of damage of the base colour under the Top Coat, these colour repairs must be done first. It is possible to add the Metallic Effect to the colour, but a majority of the added amount will be lost in the colour. Therefore, the usage with Top Coat is preferred and recommended. The Metallic Effect of the Top Coat can be adjusted by adding little amounts of Leather Colour or Aniline Colour to get better results. But only add transparent pigment colours like deep blue, violet etc. White and ochre would "dirt" the colour effect too strongly. A 100% approximation to the original is not always possible.

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