PU Protector

PU leather is cheaper than standard leather, which is what makes it attractive, but is not as durable. It relies on the polyurethane coating for stability. This coating makes the leather feel colder than standard leather and it is more likely to stick to the skin.

The polyurethane coating requires special care – normal leather care products will not penetrate, while the classic wax and oil treatments will cause damage. PU leather is also very sensitive to contact from skin and hair and can easily crack, which is why it needs to be cleaned and maintained regularly.

Use a lint-free dry or slightly damp cloth to dust the surface. Then, every 3 to 6 months, apply COLOURLOCK PU Protector gently with a soft cloth. This will remove dirt and keep the surface smooth and glossy.

Deep scratches and abrasions are difficult to treat. Sometimes light scratches can be removed by heating with a hair dryer. The PU coating has to be heated well to remove the scratches. In most cases, the scratches disappear almost completely. But this has to be done with extreme caution as excessive heating can cause irreparable damage to the coating. It’s advisable to test first by making similar scratches – but not too deep – on a hidden area. Where possible, areas that come into contact with skin and hair should, in addition to regular cleaning and treatment with PU Protector, be protected by pillows and blankets. Damaged PU coatings (matt, sticky, rough or cracked) can rarely be repaired. The options are to have the PU leather replaced by an upholsterer or buy new furniture.

Application: Care & Protect
Application Area: Bags & Cases, Furniture, Shoes & Boots
Leather Type: PU leather

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