Plastic Primer ND
Vinyl and plastics can be used with the appropriate preparatory work be colored without any primer. With sufficient addition from COLOURLOCK Crosslinker IC2 or CD the color adhesion is optimal. However, hard plastic should be primed with the plastic primer. The plastic primer can also be crosslinked with the crosslinker IC2 or CD.

This significantly improves adhesion to hard plastics. Clean the surface with GLD solvent ND or TOP remover, roughen slightly with the sanding pad and spray thinly with the primer. Dry briefly with the hair dryer and apply the colour.

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GLD Solvent ND 1000 ml
The GLD GLD Solvent ND Pen 40 ml can be used to smooth down Fluid Leather or Filler repairs.ApplicationIf the damaged area is large, it may not be possible to achieve a smooth and even surface with a spatula. Post-processing is required but Liquid Leather should not be sanded dry, as it would damage the repair.Instead smooth the repaired area with the GLD Solvent ND Pen 40 ml. GLD Solvent dissolves the upper layer of the repair substance, so that the surface can be easily reshaped.Open the cap of the COLOURLOCK GLD Solvent ND Pen 40 ml and press down the felt tip several times, so that it soaks up the GLD Solvent. Dab off any excess with a piece of cloth. Carefully dissolve the dried Liquid Leather repair, smooth it down and let it dry again. Alternatively, the repair can be sanded with the COLOURLOCK Leather Sanding Pad after dissolution. Both methods serve for smoothing down a repair. Always work gently and with a small amount of GLD Solvent. Too much liquid causes the repair to "blur".This process can be repeated as many times as required, until you are satisfied with the result.The felt tip of the COLOURLOCK GLD Solvent ND Pen 40 ml can be taken out in case of soiling or wear and be replaced the other way round. This exchange should always be performed after a colour change.

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TOP Remover
COLOURLOCK TOP Remover − TOP Entferner removes discolouration on leather and synthetic leather and removes top coat and leather paint. It is the solvent-free alternative to the COLOURLOCK GLD Solvent and COLOURLOCK Solvent Cleaner.Application: Depending on the material, you should first try cleaning with COLOURLOCK Leather Cleaner Strong or COLOURLOCK Synthetic Leather Cleaner. If the attempt is unsuccessful, apply a little TOP Remover – TOP Entferner to a white terry cloth and use it to carefully clean the surface. Always test the procedure in a concealed area first!After cleaning with TOP Remover – TOP Entferner the leather must be re-cared for and protected with a care product suitable for the type of leather.

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Crosslinker IC2
COLOURLOCK Crosslinker IC2 improves the friction values, sensitivity and protective qualities of Top Coat. It makes the surface more robust, and reduces the overall consumption Top Coat. With soft surfaces 1-2% COLOURLOCK Crosslinker IC2 must be added to COLOURLOCK Top Coat. 1% with soft furniture and garment leather, 2% with robust car and furniture leather. When colour changing in cars or furniture, we recommend adding an additional 2% Crosslinker IC2 to the COLOURLOCK Leather Colour. On hard surfaces (dash boards, steering wheels, etc.) it is recommended to add 5% to the Leather Colour and 3% to the Top Coat. This is important for hard plastic surfaces to make them scratch resistant. On soft vinyl upholstery, we recommend adding 3% Crosslinker IC2 in the Leather Colour and also 3% in the Top Coat. Important: The mixture of Top Coat and Crosslinker has to be stirred well before every use. If the mixture is not stirred before use it may dissolve the colour over time if exposed to water. Crosslinker IC2 is extremely reactive with water. All contact with water and humidity should be avoided. Always close the lid after use. The Crosslinker becomes viscous and then hard when in contact with water. Mix only as much Top Coat with Crosslinker as you need for the subsequent treatment. Otherwise the Crosslinker will lose its effect. Please follow the safety instructions. This product is flammable. This product will need to be sprayed using a spray gun. It is suitable only for professionals who repair leather on a regular basis and have experience in spray work.
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