COLOURLOCK Primer ensures good adhesion between the leather surface and the leather colour. It is sticky, and sinks into the leather binding the colour to the surface. It has a very soft binder and reduces the use of colour considerably, which increases the softness of the leather.

Before priming, the leather should be prepared (cleaned and sanded) according to the instructions provided. The amount used must be according to the kind of leather it is being used on. The more porous a leather is, the more primer should be used. For extremely porous leather we recommend 'Primer PLUS' which is a concentrated product and only recommended on porous leather. Pre-treating repair areas (scratches, tears, holes, etc) with Primer improves the adhesion of the leather filler and makes the repair more durable. In case of rips and cracks, the primer can also be applied with a sponge or a brush. The Primer can also be used as a thinner for the Leather Colour (max. 30%), so it is ideal if aniline leather needs minor recolouring and a soft grip (like for garments).

This product will need to be sprayed using a spray gun. It is suitable only for professionals who repair leather on a regular basis and have experience in spray work.
Leather Type: Artificial leather, PU leather, Pigmented leather, Pull Up leather, Semi-aniline leather, Suede & Nubuck

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