Stitch-Covering Gel 20 ml

With Stitch-Covering Gel, you cover the contrasting stitches before colouring. Unlike tape, the gel covers only the area that is not to be dyed. The Stitch-Covering Gel wraps completely around the thread and the dye cannot reach the thread from the side. Wait until the gel is dry, this can take up to 6 hours or use a hair dryer to dry it at about 130 °C for 1 - 2 minutes. Afterwards, the leather can be dyed normally with Leather Fresh or Leather Colour / Top Coat. After dyeing, simply peel off the thread protection gel.

Furniture upholstery and car leather often has stitching that contrasts with the base colour. This also happens with clothing and bags. Dyeing these leather items while preserving the original colour of the stitches is a challenge. But with stitch-covering gel and a steady hand, it can be done.

Tips! The gel is ideal for protecting embroidered lettering or logos from the leather recolouring process.

For large areas, you can use the Stitch-Covering Gel as a supplement to the COLOURLOCK Masking Tape for Stitches.

Often stitches in a different colour from the leather should not be dyed and have to be protected.

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