Textile Waterproofing Spray

Textiles become soiled or stained over time. With the Textile Waterproofing, high-quality fabrics are protected against new soiling.

Available Variations: 500 ml ; 1 Litre

500 ml of Textile Waterproofing is sufficient for several sets of furniture or fabric fittings of vehicles. The 1-litre refill bottle for the 500 ml bottle is recommended for more frequent textile cleaning.


Always test all products first on a concealed area or on a small surface, dosing sparingly.

To reduce future soiling and stains, protect the surface with our Waterproofing.

The Textile Waterproofing is a gentle stain protection for all textile furniture and automobile covers. Always test on a concealed area first to make sure it causes no colour changes. Release the catch under the spray head, spray thinly and evenly and horizontally onto the clean and dry surface from a distance of approx. 40 cm. Then allow to dry. If necessary, spray heavily stressed surfaces again after drying. Renew the application after cleaning, stain removal or washing.

Important! Waterproofing is not a full protection against stains. The most important protection is careful handling of high-quality textiles!

Application: Care & Protect
Application Area: Car, Furniture
Leather Type: Alcantara, Fabric & Textile, Aniline leather, Pigmented leather, Pull Up leather, Semi-aniline leather, Suede & Nubuck

Textile Waterproofing

If medical advice is needed, have packaging or label on hand. Use only outdoors or in well-ventilated areas. Avoid inhalation of dust/fume/gas/mist/vapour/aerosol.

Ingredients according to INCI (International Nomenclature Cosmetic Ingredients):


Preservatives according to INCI:


Caution: Until it is dry, always ensure good ventilation when working with waterproofing!

Ingredients described more clearly:

The Textile Waterproofing is a strong water-based waterproofer.

Shake before use! Protect from frost! Do not allow to freeze. Keep away from children!

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