The thickener is used to thicken Filler, liquid leather neutral, and leather color and edge protection.

Stir in about 2 to 5%. After that, the mixture can be used immediately. In the following 24 hours, the thickener will still thicken a little.

To thicken COLOURLOCK Filler
COLOURLOCK Filler remains white after drying. Therefore, mixing a few drops of colour into the Filler is recommended for achieving a closer match to the original colour.

If too much colour is added, the Filler will become too liquid. This can be reversed by adding very small amounts of COLOURLOCK Thickener.

Important: Use sparingly. The Filler does not have to be dyed completely! Too much Thickener added to colour will will weaken the strength of the Filler.

Thus, only small amounts of colour should be added and the Thickener should only be added in exceptional cases. The same applies when working with Liquid Leather.

The Thickener is also used to thicken Leather Colour. Stir in about 2% to 5% if possible, always wait 24 hours. The liquid will become thicker if left over night.

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