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We are Westhill Trading Limited, the exclusive distribution partners of Lederzentrum GmbH in the UK, USA, Canada and Mexico.

Lederzentrum GmbH, based in Rosdorf, Germany are manufacturers and retailers of high quality leather cleaners and conditioners, stain removal & repair products, including a large selection of coloured leather fillers and leather dyes. Many years of research and development, coupled with a strong desire to deliver good, honest & efficient products has led Lederzentrum GmbH to become the preferred partner of leading automotive, furniture & leather goods manufacturers today. Lederzentrum GmbH didn’t start out selling to the major manufacturers though - they started by solving leather problems for individual customers and this is still very much at the heart of what they do everyday. 20 years on, the passion for leather care and all things leather is still their motivation. 

At Westhill Trading Limited, we pride ourselves on the quality of service and aim to give our best every day. In addition to our retail and private customers, Colourlock's specialist leather cleaners, stain removers and leather repair products are used by professionals every day all over the world.

Whether it is your leather car seat, leather furniture upholstery, your treasured antique chesterfield sofa or the comfy leather couch and settee in your living room, your favourite leather handbag and jacket or those trendy suede shoes and boots - we have the products and the knowledge to help you!

We stock a wide range of leather cleaners for gentle yet effective regular cleaning to stronger cleaners to remove heavy dirt and grime on all types of leather. Different types of leathers (Aniline, Pull Up, Suede, Nubuck & others) need special care and attention and from the Colourlock range of leather conditioners we will be able to recommend the best one for you.

Ink, Biro Marks, Oil & water stains are a little trickier to remove using normal day to day cleaners. Certain leathers are porous and normal cleaners can cause the stain to worsen. The Colourlock specialist stain removal products can get rid of the most stubborn stains.

Tears, rips, burns and holes on leather can be made good by using the Colourlock leather glue & patch repair kit and a couple of other products. The filling products are very useful for filling deep scratches, cat scratches. They are flexible, soft yet durable and what’s even better is they are available in 46 colours to make the repair completely invisible. We can put together a customised Leather Repair kit to include all the products you need!

One of the most common problems in leather is colour damage caused by scuffs, fading due to sunlight & general wear. The Colourlock water based leather paints & colours can be used for localised repairs and also full restoration. We stock a range of 46 Leather Dyes & colours as per our standard colour chart. If you can’t find a good match within the chart we can also mix any colours from the RAL Colour chart (European colour chart with 160 colours). Failing all the above, we can match colours according to a sample.

The Colourlock professional leather colouring system for trade professionals requires spraying Primers & Top Coats in addition to the paint. However, we also stock a DIY method for our retail customers which includes the binding agents and top coats in the colour. They are all applied using a sponge to avoid the hassles of spraying.

At Westhill Trading Limited, we simply help you get the best out of your leather!

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