Leather seats – so much more comfortable and attractive than some of the chairs you might normally expect to find in a lecture or meeting room.

BT Centre Auditorium

BT has shown consideration for delegates attending its state-of-the-art Main Auditorium in London by opting for leather-upholstered seating. As well as being kinder on the posterior, leather is much more likely to encourage people to pay attention to the presentations. After all, it’s very easy to let your mind wander if you’re not sitting comfortably.

However, like all things leather, seating must be cared for and, over time, will need some restoration work. Colourlock was asked to revive the colour on all 170 seats. The main challenge was to avoid spraying the brand-new television screens with paint!

First, we had to prepare the colour. The leather is a special BT blue which we had to custom mix.

Before applying the colour, we cleaned and degreased the leather with COLOURLOCK Leather Cleaning Spirit, sanded the leather down with our Leather Sanding Pad and then filled damaged areas with COLOURLOCK Fluid Leather Filler. We also sprayed COLOURLOCK Primer onto the leather to ensure that the colour stuck. After spraying all 170 seats, we finished off with COLOURLOCK Top Coat, which acts as a seal. 

The job was completed successfully in 3 days and, as the picture shows, the results speak for themselves.

          BT Centre Auditorium Before & After       BT Centre Auditorium Before & After

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