Leather clothing gets dirty but, unlike with other garments, people are not sure how to clean them. Without the right leather cleaners and leather maintenance products, it’s easy to ruin the item.

.How to clean leather clothing

The Colourlock LEDER FEIN Leather & Fur Wash Concentrate is a great detergent for cleaning leather garments. This product is designed for hand or machine washing. It will not only remove the soiling, but it will help making the leather soft.

Many top grain leathers, such as motorcycle leather suits and jackets, have a pigmented protective coating to make them waterproof, and increase their resistance to fading and staining. These are easy to recognise, as moisture will not sink in and darken the leather. Minor scuffs and wear can easily be repaired with leather colour restorer Colourlock Leather Fresh. We recommend applying Colourlock LEDER FEIN Leather Care & Waterproofing Oil twice a year to prevent cracks and stains. 

Porousd top grain leathers (aniline) are dyed through but the surface isn’t coated in order to retain the ‘natural-skin’ softness, flexibility, warm touch and exclusive look. Moisture will sink in and darken them. Clothing made from aniline leather should be treated with Colourlock Aniline Cream every 2-3 months to prevent water stains. Our Colourlock Aniline Protector will revitalise old aniline leather clothing by adding softening oils, anti-oxidants, UV-filters and intensifying the dyes in the leather.

To remove light soiling on suede and nubuck, brush the surface with our soft Leather Brush or use the Nubuck Eraser. Suede and nubuck should be treated at least 1-2 times a year with Colourlock Aniline Protector, which is specially designed to protect against fading and dryness. This product is also great for re-conditioning suede and nubuck clothing after washing them, as it will restore their colour.

Heavy fading of all kinds of leather should only be restored by a professional. Do not forget to waterproof the open surface of such leathers with LEDER FEIN Leather Waterproofing Pump Spray. You might require dry cleaning for very soiled items like leather jacket collars darkened through skin contact.

Cleaning leather garments

How to repair leather clothing

Scuffing or minor damage to your smooth leather garments can be repaired with a leather sanding pad and Colourlock Leather Fresh leather dye. You can find the DIY product on our website to apply on the damaged areas with a sponge. If the fading is bigger or there are rips on the smooth leather garment, you should seek help from a leather specialist to repair it.

Unfortunately, tears in suede or nubuck will usually need to be replaced as they are usually impossible to repair. It might be possible, depending on the rip, to hide it by resting the garment.

How to protect leather clothing

We always advise treating each piece of leather clothing depending on the type of leather it is made from In this blog we aim to give as much information as possible to help you chose the correct method for your item.

Smooth pigmented leather should be treated1-2 times a year with Colourlock LEDER FEIN Leather Care & Waterproofing Oil which helps keep the leather supple and protects it against humidity. 

Old and dry suede and nubuck, as well as aniline leather and fur clothing should be treated 1-2 times a year with Colourlock Aniline Protector. The oils in this product will protect the leather from ageing and fading. Aniline leather should also be protected with Colourlock Waterproofing for Leather & Textiles.

Leather Waterproofing