Connollising is synonymous with cleaning, caring and renewing the colour of leather. It is named after Connolly, a famous English tannery, founded in 1878.  

Connolly supplied most of the leather for the British car industry, including Aston Martin, Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Jaguar and Rover, but also non-British makes such as Ferrari, Maserati, Lincoln or Lexus. Usually luxury car producers don’t mention who manufactured the leather inside, but Connolly created such a strong brand that it was promoted by the car producers. Connolly was the star of the era of vegetable tanned leather. Today, no luxury car producer promotes the company making the leather for them.  

Unfortunately Connolly made some wrong decisions when trying to enter the American market and the company had to close in 2002. The best- known brand for luxury car leather completely vanished from the market.

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But the name remains because, in addition to the core business of selling leather, Connolly was also successful at selling cleaning and care products for leather (the famous Hide Food) as well as leather colours.   

‘Connollising’ became a byword for cleaning, caring and renewing the leather colour. Some use the expression only for cleaning and caring for the leather, while others apply it to colouring treatment. In fact, any conserving or repair treatment, except replacing the leather, falls under the term ‘Connollising’ and the treated leather is considered to have been ‘Connollised’.  

Since the company closed down, the term ‘Connollising’ is slowly being used less. Only the famous Hide Food care kit is still sold. 

Leather cleaning, leather care and leather repair products have changed in the last 20 years. There was a radical change from the solvent based leather colours of the time of Connolly, to the more sensitive and greener water-based pigment colours of today. Vegetable tanned leather has also been replaced by chrome tanning and synthetic tanning. 

Modern cleaners are solvent-free and pH neutral. Leather care products contain softening oils, UV filters, antioxidants and friction reducers. The repair colours are no longer solvent but water-based. There is a new generation of DIY products like COLOURLOCK Leather Fresh to be applied with a sponge, as well as professional colours to be sprayed on.           


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