Leather handbags can be very expensive but cleaning, restoring and maintaining them doesn’t have to cost the earth.

The Colourlock range of leather care products offers and affordable DIY solution to looking care and repair of leather bags.


Vintage leather handbags from various animal species. Believe it or not they were once highly fashionable! 

Coral Shark Leather Handbags

Japanese embossed, painted and decorated handbag


Cobra Leather handbag

Toad Leather handbag (Circa 1930)

Python leather handbag

Coco Chanel quote

A choice of three kits is available for regular cleaning and maintenance:

  • Handbag Clean & Care Kit which contains a mild leather cleaner and leather restorer, is recommended for gloss finishes
  • The Colourlock Clean & Care Kitwith a mild leather cleaner and a leather protector is suitable for matt finishes
  • The Leather Shield Kitwhich includes a mild leather cleaner and leather shield, will protect matt leathers against dye transfers

Common Damages & Stains 

Water stains are the most common problems experienced by bag owners. It’s easy to leave a bottle of water, or any other drink, inside the bag with the cap loose. If the bag is aniline leather, suede or nubuck, liquid will stain on contact. For these sensitive leathers we always recommend treatment with the Colourlock Leather FixativeIn the case of some pigmented leathers, if the liquid is in contact with the bag for a prolonged period, re-colouring with Colourlock Leather Fresh will be required as the liquid would have had enough time to sink in and cause a permanent stain.  

Another common issue is marks from a ball point pen. These are not easy to clean and it will depend on the type of leather and how long ago the mark was caused. If the ink mark is fresh enough for removal, the Colourlock Dye and Ink Remover Pen is easy to apply.  

Colour damage caused by friction (denim is the usual culprit), UV damage over time and regular wear can be refreshed and brought back to life with our leather colour restorer Colourlock Leather Fresh - a special leather dye we can mix to exactly match the colour of your bag!