With everyday use, it is common to get creases on leather seats and furniture usually caused by heavy objects placed on top for a long period. Their weight will put pressure on the leather and leave a mark. Sharp items can also leave marks. Another way of getting pressure marks in leather is from prolonged use of sitting areas which stretch the leather causing it to deform and bulge. Likewise, incorrectly stored leather garments can become wrinkled.

Leather Pressure Marks and creases

Removing pressure marks requires some time and a good old massage! Yes, that is the best way to get rid of those pressure marks and wrinkles. With the help of a heat gun or hairdryer, heat the leather surface slightly (careful don’t burn it!). Once warm we can start the treatment - gently massage and pinch the damaged area in different directions for a couple of minutes trying to remove the bulge. It is important to cool the area quickly after this with a cold iron or any other cooling (dry) item you can find. 

If you are working with a piece of furniture where you can access the underside of the leather it will be easier to stretch the leather by massaging it from behind.

The longer the pressure was applied, the harder it will be to remove the mark as the leather fibres will be permanently stretched. There is no product that can be used to resolve this issue and, in most cases,, it won’t be possible to make the marks completely disappear. But great results can be achieved and the damage can be made almost invisible by applying the above method. 

Sitting areas of cars and leather furniture are more likely to get creased and deformed with time. Indentations in seat areas cannot be removed if they are too deep. Although we can work on the damage and achieve improvements, the creases will return with use, as the leather will stretch once again. 

It is likely the foam or padding inside the seat itself would also have lost its shape. Certain padding can be taken out and replaced, but once the leather fibres are overstretched repeatedly, they will never go back to their original state. Think of a piece of paper you crumple into a ball and then try to smooth out again - the creases and wrinkles will stay visible no matter how hard you try to flatten it out. 

When it comes to leather furniture, if after repeated heat and massage treatment the creases and marks are still visible, only a saddler or upholsterer will be able to fix the damage through upholstery work. Leather clothing can be more easily improved by stretching and heating it. But, if this doesn’t work, washing or dry cleaning may solve the problem. Our Colourlock Leather and Fur Wash is ideal for this. Using this product, leather garments can be hand washed or machine washed. If you are worried that the garment might lose colour during the washing process, pre-treat it with Colourlock Leather Fixative.

Since we have applied heat during this process, it is important to make sure we treat the leather to keep its moisture. We would recommend to first clean the leather with Colourlock Mild Leather Cleaner. Once cleanded, apply the Colourlock Elephant Leather Preserve to give it a soft glossy finish and maintain its suppleness. If your leather is matt, use the Colourlock Leather Protector instead to help it stay supple.