Goodwood Revival 20th anniversary is motor racing gold

For classic car enthusiasts and vintage clothing lovers, stepping back in time for the annual Goodwood Revival is a must.

This year the event marked its 20th anniversary and 146,000 people attended over the three days to make it a roaring success. Everyone showed up in retro clothing, partying like it was 1948, 1966 or any of the years between – the period that the Goodwood Revival celebrates.

Around 400 classic cars and motorbikes – modern cars are not allowed on the circuit – competed in 15 races, travelling from five continents. According to the event’s website, 2,500 hula hoops, 500 yo-yos and 500 Slinkys were given away to guests who also consumed 16,500 burgers and 20,000 sausages.

Goodwood revival 2018

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Of course, it’s the rare and priceless cars that people turn up to see. The Goodwood Revival is one of the world’s biggest historic motor sports events and attracts top historic motor racing talent.

Once again, the Colourlock team raided the dressing up box to man a stand at the event. We seem to be getting quite a name among classic car owners, many of whom told us they had used our products and were pleased with the results. We were also on hand to give advice about looking after leather interiors.

Leather features highly in most classic cars and it needs to be kept supple with specialist cleaners and preservers to prevent it from drying out and cracking. We always recommend that looking after leather seating, steering wheels and other interior features should be an important part of classic car maintenance, as well as the engine and bodywork.

This way classic cars will be gracing the Goodwood Revival for many years to come.

These are the products for keeping car leather in top condition:

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