Autumn is here and out come all our warmer leather garments such as nubuck and suede boots, jackets, coats and gloves. These leather types have a nice soft and warm velvety surface, making them a big favourite in cold weather. Although elegant and comfortable, they are also very prone to staining in wet weather.

Suede and nubuck are both split leather made from the flesh side (back) of the skin. They have a soft, sanded and velvet-like surface. Although nubuck has a finer structure, they’re both treated and protected in the same way. Their biggest disadvantage is their sensitivity, as the surface can easily become shiny and greasy with the use, stains remain visible and the colour tends to fade.

It is important to start by protecting these garments before wearing them to prevent marks. We recommend using the Colourlock Aniline Protector. This spray protects suede and nubuck leather from drying and colour fading, as well as keeping it soft. If you are planning on wearing the garment out in the wet it is best to protect it additionally with Colourlock Waterproofing for Nubuck, Suede Leather & Textiles - this waterproofing should always be applied after the Aniline Protector. We would suggest starting this treatment within the first year of use and repeat it regularly afterwards, depending on how often the item is used.

If you didn’t protect the item in advance and some stains have already made their way onto your garment, we have put together a set to treat and remove marks from this very delicate leather. The Colourlock Nubuck & Suede Care Set is great for removing stains and making the surface even again. This leather repair kit contains all you need to look after your suede and nubuck leather items. Each item can also be purchased separately if required.

Colourlock Suede Cleaning & Care Kit

We recommend using Colourlock Leather Sanding Padwhich has two equally granulated faces for sanding down large stains or slightly greasy areas. Using liquid Suede Cleaners, there is a always a risk of leaving bigger stains and rims. The kit also comes with a Colourlock Nubuck Eraser for tougher and dried stains.

If the stains cannot be removed satisfactorily with the Sanding Pad and/or Eraser, you can use Colourlock Leather Cleaning Spirit (not in the kit). Wet a lint free cloth with a small amount of the Cleaning Spirit and lightly apply across the surface without making it too wet. Always test in a hidden area first, don`t rub it too hard and always let dry first.

If your garment or suede furniture has fresh fat or oil stains, the Colourlock Fat Absorber Spray is the first choice. This is a spray containing solvents and an additional white absorbent powder. The solvent dissolves fats and oils, the powder soaks these up afterwards.

Removable leather covers or garments can be washed entirely with LEDER FEIN Leather & Fur Wash Concentrate by hand or in the washing machine. We recommend using the Colourlock Waterproofing for Nubuck, Suede & Textiles after washing.

The colour of darker suede which has bleached or faded a little bit can be refreshed with our Colourlock Nubuck Fresh. Usually a 1 litre bottle will be necessary for one set of furniture, due to the strong absorbent nature of suede. You can visit our shop or contact us directly for colours available.

It is extremely important to look after and care for Suede and Nubuck garments or items.They are sensitive materials and will never return to their original state or look like new after cleaning and repair. However, with our recommended products and treatments, you can achieve the best possible result without having to consult a specialist. Items with strong fading, too many stains or extremely greasy areas should be referred to a professional.