Caring for Volvo Atacama leather interiors

Atacama leather is unique to Volvo car interiors and is seen as essential to providing the feel good factor in the S60, V70, XC70, S80 and XC90 models.

It’s appropriately named after the Atacama Desert in Chile, as the colour takes after the orange tan terrain. Customers in the US have likened the colour to peanut butter or a new baseball glove.

Atacama Volvo interior

But, it’s not just about colour. Volvo wanted a product that would look and feel luxurious, while providing comfort and support to drivers and passengers. Atacama leather is full-grain aniline leather with a protective water-based coating. The hides are specially selected from the best beef cattle. So strict are the standards that the manufacturer will reject eight out of ten hides.

Organic tanning, free of metal compounds, along with pure soft water and natural dyes and oils, are used to produce leather that shows off the natural characteristics of the hide. Also no two car interiors will be identical, another hallmark of quality.

However, in common with other leather car interiors, Atacama is subject to wear and tear and fading. At some point it may need a colour re-fresh but how easy is it to replicate, given the strict production and quality standards?

The good news is that, at Colourlock, we can mix the right colour for our Leather Fresh dye. It is ideal for repairing light scuffs, scratches and fading car seats and side bolsters. Easy to apply, it will soon have leather looking as good as new.

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