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Trade account for professional leather specialists

Wednesday, 4 September 2019 09:54:19 Europe/London

Detailer Training at Colourlock

Car professionals, detailers and leather furniture repair and cleaning specialists are reaping the benefits of having a Colourlock trade account.

As well as the all-important discount prices on our products, trade customers can access a range of services for help with cleaning, restoring and caring for leather.

These include:

  • Video tutorials

  • Training manuals

  • Access to quick repair methods and techniques

  • 24-hour turnaround on special colour mixes, including identifying the right automotive colour match

  • Regular updates and special offers

As a trade customer you can sign up for one of our dedicated training courses. These are run one-to-one or in groups. We can come to you or you can come to us. The courses are very popular, and our experts are more than happy to share their knowledge.


Apply to be a Colourlock Centre

We also partner with detailers and other leather care professionals who would like to become trainers themselves on the Colourlock methods. With this train the trainer concept, you will have the status of a Colourlock Centre.

If you offer a repair service and would like to learn how to train others, simply apply to become a Colourlock Centre by email at our contact form


Creating an account is easy

Opening a trade account is straightforward – creating a password is as hard as it gets!

If you are a leather professional and purchase from us regularly, then a trade account is the way forward. Why not join the hundreds who have already signed up and are enjoying the benefits?

Simply select ‘Professionals’ from the menu bar of the website and click on sign up/sign in, or click here to jump straight in! 

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Restoring leather seats in the BT Centre Main Auditorium

Thursday, 29 August 2019 10:36:48 Europe/London

Leather seats – so much more comfortable and attractive than some of the chairs you might normally expect to find in a lecture or meeting room.

BT Centre Auditorium

BT has shown consideration for delegates attending its state-of-the-art Main Auditorium in London by opting for leather-upholstered seating. As well as being kinder on the posterior, leather is much more likely to encourage people to pay attention to the presentations. After all, it’s very easy to let your mind wander if you’re not sitting comfortably.

However, like all things leather, seating must be cared for and, over time, will need some restoration work. Colourlock was asked to revive the colour on all 170 seats. The main challenge was to avoid spraying the brand-new television screens with paint!

First, we had to prepare the colour. The leather is a special BT blue which we had to custom mix.

Before applying the colour, we cleaned and degreased the leather with COLOURLOCK Leather Cleaning Spirit, sanded the leather down with our Leather Sanding Pad and then filled damaged areas with COLOURLOCK Fluid Leather Filler. We also sprayed COLOURLOCK Primer onto the leather to ensure that the colour stuck. After spraying all 170 seats, we finished off with COLOURLOCK Top Coat, which acts as a seal. 

The job was completed successfully in 3 days and, as the picture shows, the results speak for themselves.

          BT Centre Auditorium Before & After       BT Centre Auditorium Before & After

If you would like to know more about restoring leather seats, contact us at  our contact form

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Cleaning white leather

Tuesday, 26 February 2019 16:29:34 Europe/London

Cleaning white leather furniture

White leather furniture may look stunning but the big question is how to keep it clean and pristine. Stories of nearly new Tesla's with white leather (or vegan leather – polite word for fake leather) seats that have dye transfer from jeans are common.

The same goes for faux leather – in fact any upholstery in white. The easiest way to avoid dirt, stains and dye transfer from clothes is not to sit on the furniture. Of course, that’s totally impractical.

An added problem with white leather is that it can develop a yellowish hue as it ages. This is part of the natural oxidation process. While you can’t stop it happening completely, it is possible to slow down the process with careful cleaning and care.

Avoid bleach and harsh chemicals

Use a dry microfibre cloth to remove smudges and light soiling and always wipe up spills immediately to minimize stains. If your white leather couch needs a deeper clean, whatever you do, DON’T be tempted to use bleach. The same goes for cleaners containing harsh chemicals as they can damage the leather and promote yellowing, which is what you want to avoid.

So what should you use? First, check the label and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. Our COLOURLOCK Leather Shield Cleaning and Conditioning Kit has everything you need to clean and protect your furniture leather. Apply the cleaner to the sponge and then rub the leather surface gently. Remove any residue with a damp cloth.

Once the leather is dry, apply the COLOURLOCK Leather Shield to protect it against further soiling and discolouration from clothing, especially denim aand jeans. This also helps to prevent oxidation.


Cleaning faux leather

Restoring your white faux leather couch to its dazzling glory sounds like it should be an easier task than with the real thing. Well, yes and no. While fake leather can withstand harsher cleaners, we wouldn’t recommend it. It’s far better to be safe than sorry – there’s always the danger of damaging the material.

The COLOURLOCK Vinyl Kit is ideal for faux leather and plastic surfaces. As with the leather cleaner, you just need to apply with a sponge, allow to dry and then add the protector to guard against soiling and brittleness.


If you’re not sure…

You may want to consult a professional cleaner. Our experts would be happy to offer advise

We also stock a range of products that are ideal for cleaning and protecting white leather and faux leather furniture:

COLOURLOCK Mild Leather Cleaner for cleaning visible dirt and stains

COLOURLOCK Strong Leather Cleaner for cleaning heavier dirt and denim stains

COLOURLOCK Leather Cleaning Brush – handy tool to remove dirt stuck in the grain.

COLOURLOCK Leather Protector to maintain softness and flexibility of pigmented leather. (Not suitable for Faux leather)

COLOURLOCK Leather Shield to prevent dye migration and friction damage

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