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Colourlock at Waxstock 2018

Thursday, 2 August 2018 10:08:52 Europe/London



Waxstock 2018 is now one of the highlights of the detailing world calendar. It began as a small gathering of enthusiasts and has grown over the last seven years to become Europe’s largest car care event.


Highlights of the one-day show on July 22 at Coventry’s Ricoh Arena, were the Detailing World Showdown and Slim’s Detailing Arrive and Shine, with professional and amateur detailers and valeters battling for the top honours in various categories.

There was also a full schedule of product and process demonstrations on the main stage.


We were delighted to be among the 80 car care brands exhibiting at Waxstock. Our stand attracted a lot of visitors and there is no doubt that there is an enormous appetite for cleaning, care and repair products.


Professional detailers and valeters were very interested in our range of products designed for professionals. And, they were especially keen to find out more about our training courses. We run special one-to-one or group two-day training courses for car professionals and detailers. Our expert team give attendees a valuable insight into cleaning, restoring and caring for car leather.


At Colourlock we also cater for the DIY enthusiasts, many of whom came to talk us and to find our more. Of course, we were able to show them our range of kits that include everything they need for the care, cleaning and repair of leather car upholstery. They include:

COLOURLOCK Leather Steering Wheel Kit

COLOURLOCK Leather Cleaning and Conditioning Kit

COLOURLOCK Leather Fresh Dye Kit


Our professional range includes:


COLOURLOCK Cleaning Spirit

COLOURLOCK Leather Protector

COLOURLOCK Leather Shield

COLOURLOCK Mild Leather Cleaner

COLOURLOCK Leather Fresh

COLOURLOCK Elephant Leather Preserver


If you are a professional interested in our 2 day training, please open a trade account by clicking here.


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Top 10 advantages of real leather

Wednesday, 4 April 2018 10:11:06 Europe/London

Top 10 advantages of real leather

Leather has been in use for centuries and its durability versatility and attractive appearance means it is still in demand today for clothing, accessories, furniture and car upholstery.

Around 500,000 tons of leather is produced every year, equivalent to about 1.5 billion square metres. There are also many imitators – modern production methods have made it possible to manufacture synthetic lookalikes.

But they don’t have the properties of the real thing. Leather offers so many advantages over its substitutes. This is our top 10.

Classic Car leather

1. Durability

Did you know that leather fibres are so fine and so tightly intertwined that one gram contains up to 300 square metres of interior surface? This is what makes leather so durable and resistant to tearing, stretching and bending. It can also withstand extreme temperatures.

2. Flexibility

Of course, durability doesn’t mean rock hard – although some leathers can be made that way. With wear, leather becomes more flexible and sometimes softer, while maintaining its shape and strength.

3. Diversity

Leather can be made into a wide variety of different types, from the butter soft aniline, suede and nubuck to pigmented and hardened varieties. You can also flatten it, carve motifs into it or emboss it.

4. Breathability

Substitute materials just can’t compete with leather’s ability to absorb moisture and then expel it as vapour. This is a great advantage, especially for footwear. You will always sweat more in shoes and boots made from synthetic materials. It’s the same with car upholstery and furniture. 

5. Style

The practical properties of leather are matched by its beauty. Whatever the colour or leather type, it will always exude quality. Stand a leather handbag next to synthetic one and see the difference.

6. It’s natural

Leather is a natural fabric and, like other natural fibres, such as cotton and silk, it is much more comfortable against the skin. Many synthetic fibres can be scratchy and uncomfortable. In extreme cases, they can make you itch.

7. Environmentally-friendly

OK, yes leather is a by-product of slaughtering animals for food. But it has greener credentials than synthetic fibres which are chemically manufactured. Although some chemicals are used to treat the hides, this is much less than the industrial quantities used in synthetic manufacture, which contributes to air pollution. Also leather is bio-degradable.

8. Timelessness

Leather is a timeless fabric – it’s never out of fashion. Styles may change, but leather will always be seen as a mark of quality for shoes, bags and other accessories, as well as furniture and high-end car upholstery.

9. Cost

Pricing leather goods involves a ‘how long is a piece of string’ scenario. Basically it depends what you are buying and if it’s from a high-end retailer, designer label or discount store. But, overall, leather is generally affordable. What’s more, it lasts longer than synthetic alternatives, so you get real value for your money.

10. Attractive smell

Last, but not least, real leather smells so good – and it’s natural.

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London Classic Car Show

Friday, 23 February 2018 12:07:56 Europe/London

Going hell for leather care at the London Classic Car Show

The London Classic Car Show at the Excel was billed as a must-attend event for classic car owners, collectors, experts and enthusiasts.

London Excel - Classic Car Show 2018  Stand view 2018

Over the four days at the Excel (February 15-18) it certainly didn’t disappoint as visitors clamoured to see more than 700 of the world’s finest classic cars and enjoy the spectacle of the Grand Avenue parades of rare street and competition cars. They included the only surviving 1939 Daimler DB18 Drophead – the car used by Winston Churchill to address the crowds during his election campaigns in the 1940s.

As experts in the leather care and restoration, we were there to offer help and advice to classic car owners on keeping their pride and joy vehicles looking as good on the inside as they do on the outside.

Winning formula

Show highlights included an appearance by former F1 World Champion Nigel Mansell who delighted crowds by driving his favourite Benetton F1 car on the Grand Avenue and signing the Formula Ford in which he won 27 races.

There was also a rogue’s gallery of getaway cars made famous in films or used in real-life robberies. This was curated by car-loving actor Philip Glennister, aka DCI Hunt from Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes.

Lister unveiled its Thunder supercar, capable of speeds of more than 200mph, while Morgan revealed the +4 GDI sporting model, aimed at would-be racing, rally or hill climbing drivers.

Colourlock at Classic Car Show 2018  Colourlock at Classic Car Show 2018

Quality car leather care

As well as keeping the engine ticking over and maintaining the bodywork, owners of classic cars also need to devote attention to the leather upholstery. If not properly cleaned and cared for, it will soon look the worse for wear.

As a result, visitors at the show were on the look-out for high-quality leather care and restoration products. Our team met more than 500 people and handed out over 1,000 leaflets to those expressing an interest in our products and services.

It goes without saying that we were more than delighted to share our expertise in all things leather to ensure that classic car owners stay in pole position when looking after their car interiors.

Mercedes seat repair by Colourlock

For optimum car leather care we recommend:

COLOURLOCK Leather Care Kits for regular cleaning and maintenance.

If on the other hand, you have a new car or brand new leather then COLOURLOCK New leather Care Kit is ideal.

COLOURLOCK Elephant Leather Preserver is best for restoring old dry leather.

COLOURLOCK Leather Softener for softening old and hard leather

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