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Mercedes-Benz Leather Dye

The colour swatches included below are purely for indication purposes only. It is important to identify the name of the leather colour before placing an order.

aerograu - aerogrey

aerograu dunkel - dark aero grey

akzentrot - 3000 rot

alpacagrau - alpaca grey

alpacagrau dunkel - dark alpaca grey


anthrazit - anthrazit catania - anthracite

basaltgrau - grau mittel - basalt grey - middle grey

bengalrot - bengal red

berryrot - red berry

blau - blue

blauviolett - blue violet

bordo - brombeer - bordeauxrot - bordeaux

brasil - brazil



champignon - mushroom

chilirot - red chilli

classicrot - classic red

cognac 2 tone

This is a so-called two-tone leather. Please review the special cleaning and care advice.


creme - cream

cremebeige - cream beige

dark palm grey - palmagrau dunkel

dattel - date

dunkelblau - dark blue

dunkelbraun - dark brown

espresso brown


galaxyblau - galaxy blue

granitblau - granite blue

graphit - graphite

graphitgrün - graphite green

grau - grey

grau für MB - grey for MB

grau mittel


grün - green

havanna - havana

havanna dark - borneo - dark havana


helios mittel - medium helios

hellbeige - light beige

hellbraun - light brown

hellrot - light red


java dunkel - dark java

kaschmirbeige - kashmir beige - buckskin

kiesel - kieselbeige - pebble

kristallgrau - crystal grey

kupfer - copper


laser blue

light java

light palm grey - palmagrau hell

linaritblau - linarite blue


magma grey

magmarot - magma red

mahagoni - mahogany

mandelbeige - almond beige

meerblau - sea blue

merlinblau - merlin blue

mittelblau - medium blue

mittelgrau - medium grey

mittelrot - medium red

moccabraun - mocca - mocha brown


mystiquerot - mystic rot - granatred - granite red

natur - nature

nussbraun - nut brown

oriongrau - orion grey - light orion grey

oriongrau mittel - medium orion grey

pazifikblau - pacific blue

pergament - parchment

perle dunkel - dark pearl

piniengrün - pine green

porzellan - porcelain


quarz - quartz

reinweiß - pure white

resedagrün - reseda green

riffgrau - reef grey

rot - red

royalblau - royal blue


sahara beige

sahara beige dark version

sahara beige light version


sattelbraun - saddle brown

savannenbeige - savanna beige

scarlet - scarletrot

schiefer - slate

schilfgrün - reed green

schwarz - black

seidenbeige - silk beige

siambeige - siam beige

sierragrau - sierra grey

silber-metallic - metallic silver


stein mittel - medium stone


sunsetrot - sunset red

tiefblau - deep blue

tiefschwarz glänzend - deep black gloss

tiefseeblau - deep sea blue


weiß - white

The above samples of Mercedes Leather Colours exist in our archive and can be mixed as a special colour.

Classic, Catania, Designo, Lugano, Monza or Nappa are common types of Mercedes Leather interiors. It is also not uncommon for Mercedes car seats to have perforated or embossed leather. Mercedes Maybach offers trim options in which dashboards and certain areas can be covered in nubuck leather. Nubuck leather is delicate and sensitive leather and hence rarely found. The use of leatherette & vinyl in on the back of seats and other non contact areas is also common in Mercedes. The names ‘Mercedes Artico leather’ or ‘MB-tex leatherette’ are common examples of such types.

Our standard ‘Black Leather Dye - F034’ is a good match for Black Mercedes interiors and hence no additional colour mixing charge will be applicable.All other Mercedes Leather Dyes are mixed to order and as per the leather sample we have in our collection. An additional colour mixing charge of £13.50 will be added in such cases

How to find the name of the leather colour?

Option 1 - Let us do it for you!
Just send us a quick email with your Car Registration Number and VIN/Chassis Number with all your contact details and we will get back to you within 24 hours!

Option 2 - Speak to your local dealership or by checking details on your car build sheet. Please consult your car dealer by taking the vehicle identification number as a reference and ask them for the colour name (no numerical code).