Customer Questions & Answers - Leather Fresh Dye Kit with Strong Leather Cleaner

Brian Pearson asked on 2021-11-08 12:26:42:

I have just purchased a car and at sometime somebody has drawn on the ivory coloured leather with a large permanent marker pen. I have cleaned most of it off but there are faint marks where it remains. Would your leatherfresh cover the marks.

COLOURLOCK UK replied on 2021-11-08 12:50:20 :

Hi Brian, Please can you send us few good quality photos to our email address, we would then be able to recommend the best products. Best Reagrds,Colourlock team

Ahmed Fathy asked on 2021-09-23 15:30:35:

I would like to to have color to fix small tears in my new Mercedes E200 2021 I think the color is r saddle brown/black Napa leatherPlease find the Vin Number below:W1K2130801A883400Please let me know the availability to place my order. Thanks

COLOURLOCK UK replied on 2021-09-23 15:33:18 :

Hi Ahmed, Please can you email us few good photos of the damage to email info@colourlock.comWe will then be able to recommend the best products.Best Regards,Angelika

Alan asked on 2021-07-30 18:40:33:

Is this kit suitable to dye 2 seats from a Lotus Elisethat are currently red to black?

COLOURLOCK UK replied on 2021-08-02 10:55:13 :

Hi Alan, Unfortunately you cant change colour of the leather with our Leather Fresh Dye, as this is just to refresh the colour. In order to change the colour you will need our professional range of products as well as have compressor and spray gun. Best Regards

Cliff Tate asked on 2021-07-27 18:05:07:

Hello, not really a question. You guys need to add a space between the last work in the link html and the next work because it's causing you link to not be found because it's reading the next work as part of the address. Best regards

COLOURLOCK UK replied on 2021-07-28 13:02:33 :

Hi, Thank you for your advice, we will have a look into it. Best Regards
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Dave Smith asked on 2020-12-07 22:50:06:

Hi, I would like to lightly restore the leather seats in my 1990 Bmw 3 series E30 the bmw colour code is: 0292 silver..Is this something you can supply a kit for?Thanks

COLOURLOCK UK replied on 2020-12-08 17:44:11 :

Hi Dave,Please send us the 17 digits VIN to confirm the colour, and if is any damage also, a couple of good quality photos to:info@colourlock.comWe will reply with a link with the necessary products and a step by step guide on how to use them.Regards.

john asked on 2020-05-08 07:13:39:

Hello,Forgot to ask another question . Saw your phone number for usa is 1 917-580-3111 Do you have a shop in NY as well. I live here as well. thanks

COLOURLOCK UK replied on 2020-05-11 15:51:34 :

Hi John,No we don't have a shop shop in the US. we're located in the UK.Best regards.

john asked on 2020-05-08 07:11:43:

Hello, i have a 2011 e550 convertible black interior,I need to repair my steering wheel... How long does your product last on the steering wheel. Will the paint fade away quickly?I have a picture of my steering . can i send to you. Don't know what to get. Dp you have a full kit for what i need to do. I saw your videos. Do i need to order the specific black of my interior or doesn't matter for leather steering wheel. also how long do you have to let dry fully? also i saw some videos with heavy and mild leather cleaner which one? I have some scuffs and slight peal on the leather on top of steering wheel.

COLOURLOCK UK replied on 2020-05-11 15:50:27 :

Hi John,Our Leather Steering Wheel Kit contains all the products to restore the steering wheel. Here is the link for the kit: more information on how to recolor leather steering wheels, please click on this link below: regards.

Ola Austnes asked on 2020-04-27 16:47:06:

Hi i would like to order a Leather Fresh Dye Kit with Strong Leather Cleaner with the color GOBI to my volvo s60R 2005. Are you able to reproduce this color? if so i would like enough to do the front seats atleast!Regards Ola

COLOURLOCK UK replied on 2020-04-27 16:51:21 :

Hi Ola,Unfortunately, we don't have that colour in our database. We can still mix the colour, if you can send us a sample of the leather, or a removable part for the colour match.How to send a sample - There is usually a bit of excess leather under the base of the rear seat or by the side panels. You may have to unscrew some panels to gain access to this area. If you can get a sample minimum size 1x1 inch, please send this to the following address by recorded post with your name and contact details:Colourlock, Unit 4 Maple Industrial Estate, Maple Way, Feltham TW13 7AW, United KingdomFailing this please consider sending a headrest, armrest or any other removable part that we can use to mix the colour. We will then return the part with any products you order. Best regards.

Oliver Solberg asked on 2019-12-08 07:48:45:

Hi.I would like to change the colour of my front and rear leather seats in my BMW E34 from beige to ultramarine if im not mistaken.Is this possible with your line of products?How much product will it take?What type of products would you recommend to use during the process?Yours Sincerely, Oliver Solberg.

COLOURLOCK UK replied on 2019-12-09 10:39:46 :

Hi Oliver,It is possible to change the colour on the leather, but you'll need to use our professional products for the job, and you need to have spraying equipmentcompressor and spray gun. For more information, please email us on Best regards.

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