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Leather Cleaning Services

Colourlock UK & Ireland provides professional leather cleaning services that you can trust. We can clean most leather items, specially furniture and automobile fittings. Our company uses proprietary cleaning solutions that are gentle to leather but tough on stains. If your leather has blemishes of any sort, send it our way, and we will get rid of even the most stubborn of stains.


Why Should You Let an Expert Clean Your Leather?


Just like most other textiles, leather can be stained by dirt, chemicals, and certain types of spills, which can ruin its look. Most commercial-grade cleaners can help strip off most stains, but they can do more harm than good in the long run. Regular cleaning agents can leave the surface of leather damaged and dehydrated, which lead to cracking and peeling.

Thus, it is not enough to simply clean leather every time it gets stained. You need to carefully restore the textile’s moisture and texture as you clean its surface, and that involves the use of specialised leather care products. Colourlock has developed over 70 different leather care products of its own, all specially designed to clean and revitalise the look and feel of leather without causing damage.


How We Clean Your Leather


Colourlock both cleans and refinishes your leather for a comprehensive service that prolongs your textile’s life. Our team first analyses your leather to check where the stains are and how severe the staining is. After our assessment, a gentle cleaner is then used to remove the stains on the leather item. Once the stains are all removed, moisturisers and refinishing agents are added to restore your leather’s sheen, to protect it from stains, and to keep the textile supple. Our cleaning experts will thoroughly clean your leather items with care, returning your textile looking better than before. Additionally, we only use cleaning products we have developed in-house.


Products That Can Help You


We make all our leather care products available to you, so that you can see for yourself the effectiveness of our treatments. We have products to refinish your leather, restore its colour, moisturise its surface, and much more. You do not have to worry about using the wrong cleaning solution; our extensive line of products means there is always a cleaning agent that is just right for your leather. Moreover, we offer instructions on our website on how to properly and most effectively use our products.

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