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Leather Restoration Services

Colourlock UK & Ireland is your premier choice for restoring the look and feel of your leather items. We restore most leather surfaces, particularly the ones used for automobiles and furniture. You can trust us to handle your leather with great care as we restore it. With our professional leather restoration services, your leather will look and feel supple once more, and its delicate tanning recoloured.


The Common Causes of Leather Damage and Wear


Leather may be a hard-wearing material, but it can sustain its fair share of damage over time and daily use. The leather used in furniture and in automobiles, in particular, is subjected to a lot of wear and tear. Dirt, scratches, and spills that leave behind stubborn stains are usually at fault, but other factors can also destroy leather.

You might not be aware of it, but even simply sitting down on a leather chair leads to damage. Body oils, grease, and skin acid from people and animals can diminish leather’s finish and leave dark spots. Another unlikely culprit in the damage of your leather is the sun; intense exposure to sunlight can discolour and warp leather, leaving behind a cracked and bleached surface. Additionally, airborne particulates from chemicals and pollutants can also take their toll on leather.


How We Restore Your Leather


Colourlock’s experts can restore your leather materials and bring back their lost finish. First, our team carefully assesses the condition of your leather and its type. Once we have gauged the extent of the damage and what needs to be done, we choose delicate restoration products that will remove any stains from your leather and restore its natural finish. Upon your request, we can even apply pigmentation to your leather to revitalise its lost colour. We use our own highly effective proprietary products to clean, restore, and refinish your leather.


Products That Can Help You


With over 70 leather repair and restoration products at our disposal, we always have the right tool to fix the appearance of your leather, whether you want to refinish or dye your material. Our leather care products all come with full instructions for use, and you may even seek additional help on how to use them on this website. We have leather cleaning and restoration products made especially for certain types of leather, so you do not have to worry about damaging your textile with the wrong cleaning solution. Purchase our leather care products today, and use the very same products we use to professionally restore your leather.

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