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Metallic and pearl effects on leather

Metallic and pearl effects on leathers are rare. It is commonly found in trendy clothing, bags and shoes. In furniture such effects are unknown. In automotive leathers Porsche is the only manufacturer to have used such leather most frequently. A lot of classic cars from America also have such effects more often. Volvo and BMW also have processed metallic leather, but only in small quantities.

A metallic effect on leather is achieved by applying a transparent, glossy clear coat including the desired metallic effect on the base colour. For the BMW leathers it’s a matt transparent coating. Pearl or silver effect is commonly used for automotive upholstery. In clothing, shoes and bags gold, bronze and other effects are used.

Leather with metallic effects develop wear marks just like any other leather types. Due to the metallic effect, peculiarities arise in the colour restoration and care.

The leather should be cleaned depending to the degree of soiling with COLOURLOCK Mild or Strong Leather Cleaner. This prevents the fixing of dirt on the leather caused by applying care products without cleaning. If the dirt is in the depth of the grain, then also use the COLOURLOCK Leather Cleaning Brush.

To preserve the gloss, we recommend COLOURLOCK Elephant Leather Preserver. Sparingly applied, the leather stays smooth and soft and is effectively protected.

Typical signs of wear on vehicle leathers can easily be cleaned repaired and maintained with our products. In particular, the entry area from the driver's seat is subject to wear and the original colour wears off with time.

Degrease the repair area thoroughly with COLOURLOCK Leather Cleaning Spirit to assure that the repair products adhere well. The leather cleaning products remove dirt well, but don’t remove all previously applied oils, waxes or silicones contained in many care products. Such substances affect the durability and adhesion of COLOURLOCK Leather Fresh or COLOURLOCK Fluid Leather.

Smooth rough areas with the COLOURLOCK Leather Sanding Pad. Dry cracks and small tears can be filled and stabilized with COLOURLOCK Fluid Leather.

On the areas with abrasion, the original colour of the leather is refreshed with Leather Fresh. In areas with stronger abrasion, dab the Leather Fresh repeatedly and dry in between the layers with a hair dryer. This assures a good covering.

Due to the metallic effect, two varieties of Leather Fresh have to be applied. The base colour and a transparent layer with the metallic effect. The base tone can be applied as usual with a sponge. Applying the metallic effect with a sponge usually leaves smears. The result is significantly better when the metallic effect can be applied with a spray gun or airbrush.

Unfortunately it’s nearly impossible to achieve exactly the same metallic effect as the original. Therefore, the result can only be a significant improvement. The only other alternative is for it to be restored professionally. It is important to note that even a professional’s work won’t be 100% identical to the original.

Please check on our online list, if we have a leather sample of the desired tone. If not, we would need a pattern to mix the correct colour and effect. Cut off a piece of leather under the seat or behind a cover. A thumbnail large piece is sufficient (at least two square centimetres!). You can also send us a headrest, sun visor or covering. We will securely return any items you send to us with your order.

In case of metallic effects, you will always need two Leather Fresh150 ml (base tone and metallic effect). The surcharge for mixing colours is only once.

Porsche "pearl white"

Dark grey from Porsche with pearl effect.

"Blue metallic" in Volvo

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