How to care & protect buffalo leather

Buffalo Leather is used mainly for production of furniture, bags and accessories but it has also been used extensively by BMW for leather seats. Buffalo leather is porous. So, when you rub a drop of water on the surface, it penetrates and darkens the leather.

As with any type of leather, it has its pros and cons. The main advantage is they have a nice structure and are soft and warm to touch. Due to its structure, buffalo leather is robust and durable. However, the main downside to it is they are extremely sensitive. Buffalo leather becomes shiny and greasy over time, the colour fades and it can also stain easily.

To maintain brand new buffalo leather, we recommend using COLOURLOCK Aniline Protector. It keeps the leather soft and protects it from drying and fading. As it is porous, we recommend protecting it with COLOURLOCK Waterproof Spray which makes the surface water repellent and also protects against spillages. If the leather is brand new, we recommend carrying out the above treatment at least one year after purchase and more frequently after the first year (once every 3-6 months depending on use).

Due to the porous nature of the leather, stains cannot be simply wiped off. Most stains are not on the surface and have actually penetrated the leather. Crusty stains and stains that are on the surface can however be treated using COLOURLOCK Leather Sanding Pad or COLOURLOCK Nubuck eraser. It is best to clean the leather with the COLOURLOCK Leather Cleaning Spirit. Fresh grease or oil stains can be removed with our COLOURLOCK Grease Absorber Spray. Please refer to our information text.

We recommend applying our care and protection treatments only after cleaning. Buffalo leather is a delicate leather and develops patina with time. It is important to note that this is expected with this type of leather. With the recommended products, however, you have the best possible way to look after such leathers.

With dark buffalo skins, you can freshen up the colour using COLOURLOCK Nubuck Fresh. It is important to degrease before with COLOURLOCK Leather Cleaning Spirit and sand any rough areas with COLOURLOCK Leather Sanding Pad. As buffalo leather is highly absorbent, 1 litre of Nubuck Fresh is required. While the Nubuck Fresh can be applied using a sponge, we recommend applying it using a spray gun as it is substantially easier and gives a nice even finish.

Extreme fading and heavier stains are best treated professionally at a specialist workshop. Please contact us so we can assist you further. 

Buffalo leather by BMW, dark brown, sun-bleached

Typical older furniture buffalo leather, greasy after use

Buffalo leather is sensitive against stains

Recommended products

Leather Sanding Pad
The Leather Sanding Pad is ideal for:  Smoothing rough areas before applying COLOURLOCK Leather Fresh or COLOURLOCK Liquid Leather. Cleaning greasy areas on nubuck and suede. Careful sanding during professional colouring in the workshop. Amount: 1 piece. One pad is sufficient for a complete set of furniture or car interior.; Pack of 5 Application Rub the leather gently with the pad in a circular motion. Avoid gouging and deep scratches. Both faces of the pad can be used. It can be washed out with water.  Before colouring nappa leather, the surfaces should be sanded carefully. Our Leather Sanding Pad is ideal for this step.

Variants from US$5.99*
Suede & Nubuck Eraser
The Nubuck Eraser, along with the Leather Sanding Pad, will remove stains from suede and nubuck. The Sanding Pad should be applied to larger areas, while the Eraser is more appropriate for individual crusty stains. The Eraser can also be used to remove dirt on hard surfaces (such as shoes) and sleeve/collar edges of leather clothing.  Application Localized soiling is often not easy to remove. Using a corner of the Eraser, rub the affected area in a circular motion. If a stain proves too resistant, you may have to stop to prevent damaging the leather surface.