Smooth Leather Care Kit with Cleaner & Protector
Ideal for leather furniture or leather car seats.Firstly, clean the leather thoroughly before refreshing the colour or applying care products. Use COLOURLOCK Mild Leather Cleaner against normal degrees of soiling or COLOURLOCK Strong Leather Cleaner in extreme cases (where the leather has been neglected for many years, for example classic cars languishing in garages and barns). Cleaning prior to the treatment prevents dirt sticking to the leather's surface when applying colour or care products. Our COLOURLOCK Leather Cleaning Brush effectively removes ingrained dirt. For surface care, we recommend our COLOURLOCK Leather Protector. It contains antioxidants, which stops the leather's decay, and its UV filters protect the leather surface from colour fading and will make the leather soft and supple once more.The kit is usually sufficient to treat a complete car interior or set of furniture multiple times. The Cleaner should only be used on soiled areas, while the Protector should be applied to all surfaces. In the event of extreme soiling, a larger amount of Cleaner might be necessary, but this is very rare.  Application Always test any products first on a hidden area in case they affect the colour!COLOURLOCK Leather CleanerThe Leather Cleaner gently cleans all kinds of smooth leather. Apply Cleaner to the Cleaning Sponge and press some foam out of it. Clean the leather and remove dirty foam with a slightly moistened cloth.COLOURLOCK Leather ProtectorUse COLOURLOCK Leather Protector as soon as the leather has dried after cleaning or colour refreshment, ideally on the following day. Apply with a soft cloth and let dry without polishing. One application is sufficient. Strained surfaces (heavy use or in sunlit areas) should be treated every three months. Clean first to avoid dirt or stains.These products are also suitable for "Cool Leather/SRT (SunReflective Technology) Leather"!

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Care Kit for New Leather with Cleaner & Leather Shield
New leather should be treated with our Leather Shield within the first three years to protect it against traces of wear and abrasion, as well as discolouration from clothing. Application area: New pigmented or surface-coloured leather in cars, furniture, jackets and handbags. Do not use on porous leathers, suede or nubuck. Soiled leather should be thoroughly cleaned in advance. This prevents the dirt sticking to the leather when applying COLOURLOCK Leather Shield. Our COLOURLOCK Leather Cleaning Brush effectively removes ingrained dirt (use circular motion in all directions for better results). New leather should be treated with our COLOURLOCK Leather Shield within the first three years to protect it against traces of wear and abrasion, as well as discolouration from clothing (dye transfer). The driver's seat (entry bolsters of sports seats and high support cushions) usually begin showing typical signs of wear within the first three years. Leather Shield will prevent this. Treat the driver's seat every three months, the rest of the leather every six to twelve months. Additionally, steering wheels, armrests and shift knobs often suffer from hand sweat so avoid grease- or oil-based leather care. Instead these areas (except those that are old and dry) should be protected using COLOURLOCK Leather Shield. The amount is usually sufficient to treat a steering wheel, small parts or the most heavily strained entry bolsters several times. The Cleaner should only be applied to soiled areas.  ApplicationAlways test all products first on a hidden area in case they affect the colour.  COLOURLOCK Leather CleanerThe Leather Cleaner comes in a foam dispenser bottle. Foams clean the leather more efficiently than liquid agents, the consumption is considerably smaller, and the leather does not become wet, which could otherwise become hard after drying.The Leather Cleaner gently cleans the leather. Apply some foam on the Cleaning Sponge and proceed with cleaning. Remove dirty foam residue with a slightly moistened cloth.  Leather ShieldThe COLOURLOCK Leather Shield provides protection for heavily-strained leather surfaces. The Shield prevents rapid wear and discolouration from clothing. Wet a terry cloth slightly with Leather Shield and treat the strained areas every three months.These products are also suitable for "Cool Leather/SRT (SunReflective Technology) Leather"!

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for artificial leather
Artificial Leather Cleaning & Conditioning Kit
The Artificial Leather Clean & Care Kit contains everything you need for the cleaning and care of strained artificial leather and plastic surfaces. 1 Artificial Leather Cleaner, 125 ml 1 Artificial Leather Protector, 150 ml 1 Leather Cleaning Brush 1 Cleaning Sponge1 Care Cloth This is usually sufficient for the treatment of one complete car interior or set of furniture. Area of applicationThe COLOURLOCK Artificial Leather Clean & Care Kit contains everything you need for the cleaning and care of strained artificial leather and plastic surfaces. Heavily soiled surfaces become clean again. Use the soft brush contained in the set to clean grained surfaces.The Artificial Leather Protector seals the surface, without adding gloss, reducing the chance of attracting fresh dirt and bleaching and guards against brittleness. ApplicationAlways test any products first on a hidden area in case they affect the colour. Artificial Leather Cleaner: Apply the cleaner on a slightly moistened sponge and press the foam out of it. Clean the leather with the foam. Use the Cleaning Brush to remove dirt from the grain. Soak up the dirty foam residue with a slightly moistened and clean piece of cloth. Artificial Leather Protector: Apply thinly with a soft piece of cloth and let dry without polishing. One layer is sufficient. Repeat every three months on strained surfaces. Clean before applying to avoid soiling.

Leather Handbag Cleaning & Conditioning Kit
For the cleaning and care of nappa leather jackets, bags, suitcases, shoes, saddles and belts. 15 ml Elephant Leather Preserver 30 ml Mild Leather Cleaner Sponge Amount: This is sufficient for approx. 5 square metres of leather.Application areas: Bags & AccessoriesFor: Pigmented leather, Pull Up leather, Semi-aniline leather Area of applicationFor the cleaning and care of nappa leather jackets, bags, suitcases, shoes, saddles and belts. The COLOURLOCK Mild Leather Cleaner removes any dirt before treating the leather, and the COLOURLOCK Elephant Leather Preserver protects and waterproofs all types of nappa leather and keeps it supple.Made of 100 percent synthetic fat, it is acid free, odour neutral and free of vegetable or animal fats. It will protect the leather from mould or breaching. This recipe is used by museums for protecting and preserving old and hardened leather. ApplicationAlways test any products first on a hidden area in case they affect the colour. Mild Leather CleanerApply the cleaner to a slightly moistened sponge and press the foam out of it. Clean the leather with the foam. Use the Leather Cleaning Brush to remove any dirt from the grain. Remove the dirty foam residue with a slightly moist, clean cloth. Elephant Leather PreserverRub a small amount into a clean, soft piece of cloth and apply it to the leather and, if applicable, polish it afterwards. The product is difficult to use in cold temperatures so you may need to warm it slightly with a hair dryer.

with black leather dye
Leather Repair Kit for Steering Wheel Black
The leather repair set for steering wheels contains all important utensils and high-quality materials for the preparation and repair of black steering wheels. It is used to repair local scratches and scuffs and to refresh the color. The set of the brand COLOURLOCK, manufactured in Germany, in the LEDERZENTRUM, contains:  15 ml COLOURLOCK Leather Cleaner Mild15 ml COLOURLOCK Degreaser15 ml COLOURLOCK Leather Fresh Black15 ml COLOURLOCK Leather Shield 15 ml COLOURLOCK Elephant Leather Preserver1 x sanding padSponges and cloths Steering wheels are in daily use. Due to frequent contact with moisture, sunlight & creams they wear out quickly or become greasy. Hand sweat and skin oils are particularly aggressive against the leather. The reason: leather is an open-pored material into which hand perspiration, skin fats and moisture can gradually soak. This makes the leather brittle, the color softens and the leather rubs off. In some cases, cracks even appear as a result of wear. The COLOURLOCK leather repair set for black steering wheels is the solution. The bestseller from Germany is now also available in the UK - with an improved formula and solvent-free! The COLOURLOCK Leather Fresh included in the set is used to refresh the color. While the COLOURLOCK Cleaner Mild prevents damage, the sealer protects the leather after recoloring. The COLOURLOCK Degreaser frees the leather from excess grease. It is solvent-free and particularly environmentally friendly. The COLOURLOCK Elephant Leather Grease cares for the freshly dyed leather and gives the surface a natural shine. Application: Carefully mask off all areas of the steering wheel that are not to be treated with COLOURLOCK Leather Fresh.Apply COLOURLOCK Leather Cleaner Mild to one of the enclosed sponges and clean the steering wheel thoroughly. Then apply COLOURLOCK Degreaser to a cloth and go over the surface to degrease the leather. Rough spots, scratches, abrasions or protruding leather edges can now be smoothed with the COLOURLOCK Sanding Pad. The excess sanding dust should then be removed with a cloth.Dab the COLOURLOCK Leather Fresh Dye Black carefully with the sponge or apply it to the steering wheel in circular movements. Then allow to dry completely or blow dry. This process can be repeated if necessary.After 24 hours, a thin layer of COLOURLOCK Elephant Leather Preserver can be applied. It cares for the steering wheel and gives the leather a natural shine. The COLOURLOCK Elephant Leather Preserver is mostly used for old steering wheels. This step can also be omitted for new steering wheels.After another 24 hours, put COLOURLOCK Leather Shield on a cloth and apply it gently to the steering wheel to protect the surface from new dirt and abrasions.

TOP Life is a new coating for leather, imitation leather and plastic parts, which specifically seals the surface for a long time.It is a finishing topcoat (clearcoat)The DIY version can be applied with a sponge (for end customers).The professional version must be sprayed!It barely effects the gloss levelIt offers high protectionIt barely changes the surface appearance (slightly shiny/slightly slippery => goes away within 48 hours)It has up to 12 months service life Contents:150 ml TOP Life Prepare 150 ml TOP Life Coating 1x Application sponge 1x Microfiber clothApplication The surface must be clean. If the surface is not clean, use COLOURLOCK Leather Cleaner Mild to thoroughly clean all surfaces, i.e. leather, imitation leather and plastics. Then, using COLOURLOCK TOP Life Prepare and the yellow microfiber cloth, thoroughly rub all surfaces (leather, imitation leather, and plastics) that are to be protected with COLOURLOCK TOP Life Coating.As soon as the surface is dry, apply COLOURLOCK TOP Life Coating thinly and evenly with the application sponge. Take small sections and apply COLOURLOCK TOP Life over the entire surface without gaps. Allow COLOURLOCK TOP Life to dry for 2 hours at an ambient temperature of at least 15 °C. The vehicle can be used immediately, but full protection will not take effect until after 48 hours. Apply conditioning products or other liquids to the surface only after one week. Cleaning recommendation: Not until 8 days after the final coat! Mild Leather Cleaner Care and maintenance recommendation:New leather care set Just after 3 months after the final coat Maintain every 5,000 km

Classic Car Care Set
With the new COLOURLOCK classic car care set, you get now finally all care products especially for old, hardened car leather together in one set. The set for classic cars and youngtimers comes in a high-quality box for COLOURLOCK special editions and includes a care instructions. By using the classic car care kit you will avoid cracks in the leather surface and provide your vehicle interior with specific oils and greases for maximum durability. Always test any products first on a hidden area.Application 1. Mild leather cleaner Apply the cleaning foam on a sponge or the brush. Never apply directly to the leather. Use the foam to clean the leather from seam to seam. If necessary, repeat the process several times. Remove the dirt and residue from the cleaner with a damp cloth and then let it dry. 2. Old leather Softener leather oil Only start treating old leather with Softener when the leather has completely dried after cleaning. Apply some old leather Softener to the second sponge or a clean cloth from the set and wipe the leather with it. After application, let the leather rest at room temperature for at least 24 hours so that the old leather Softener has time to soak into the leather. Do not leave the vehicle too cold or in direct sunlight! You can repeat the process if necessary. We recommend that you do no more than 3 treatments. 3. Mild leather cleaner Remove the excess old leather Softener with the mild leather cleaner. Proceed as indicated under point 1. 4. Elephant Leather Preserver For subsequent care, take some preserver with another cloth from the set and first rub in the rag. Apply a thin layer of care to the leather with the cloth and polish if you want it to shine. In cold temperatures, the Elephant Leather Preserver is not easy to work with. Therefore, work at a comfortable temperature or slightly heat the preserver with a hair dryer. With a regular but economical follow-up care that takes place thereafter, further treatments with the old leather Softener are not necessary. Important: Depending on use, always treat the leather sparingly every 6 to 12 months instead of rarely and then overdosing!

for waxed leather
Waxed, Oiled or Pull Up Leather Cleaning & Care Kit
The care set for waxed leather is suitable for matt grease and oil leather, which have a greased surface. Sometimes these leathers are also referred to as pull-up leather. Characteristic of these leather is the slight patina which belongs to the character of this type of leather. Suitable leather for this leather care set are processed in the furniture sector and in all types of bags, clothing or shoes and boots. Always test both products for safety only in the covert area for changes.Application areas: Furniture Leather, Shoes, Bags & Accessories, Leather ClothingFor: Pull Up leather"Leatherette", "waxed leather" or "pull-up leather" are leathers in which the top coat of paint is a colored grease or wax layer. This type of leather is particularly widespread in shoes and bags. In the furniture sector, the term "saddle leather" is used for this type of leather. In the case of fatty leather, the grain has been preserved, whereas in pull-up leathers, the grain has been sanded during production. Characteristic of the leather are a patina look, the slight emergence of traces of scratches and the slight discoloration when rubbed with a moistened rag. The discolouration occurs because the oils and fats used for the surface treatment are colored. ApplicationAll products should always be tested first for changes in the hidden area! Never apply the product directly to the leather, but rub the cleaner on a sponge or cloth and care first in a soft cloth. To do this, always apply the products in a circular fashion from seam to seam to avoid staining or banding. Aniline CleanerFor everyday cleaning, it is sufficient to dust the leather occasionally with a duster or dry duster. When cleaning the surface, apply a little cleaning foam on a sponge or cloth and clean it circularly and evenly from seam to seam. Do not clean too wet and do not rub too hard. Remains of the cleaner are taken up with a cloth moistened with water. With oiled and greased leathers it comes to a color abrasion. Then work more carefully and let it dry to see if there are any unwanted color changes, which is rarely the case. Always let the leather dry naturally at room temperature.Stains can also be cleaned with a soft cloth moistened with Aniline Cleaner. Do not work too wet to avoid edges. Dry the area darkened by moistening with a hair dryer with cold air, so that no water edges can form. If the leather after drying in the stain area is still dark, which would be typical for fatty and oil leather, stretch and stretch the leather. Most of the leather brightens through the opening of the pores in addition. Always practice cleaning in the hidden area first! Check carefully with light leathers!For difficult spots, it is always better to contact a specialist first. Quickly increases the mishap by improper cleaning attempts. In particular, with stains with dyes or fatty sites requires expert advice. We are happy to help you with any queries. Elephant Leather Preserver Leather GreaseFor everyday use we recommend the Elephant Leather Preserver. Traces of wear on fatty leathers are compensated by care with the Elephant Leather Preserver.Apply the Elephant Leather Preserver only on clean leather. First check for hidden changes. Rub some Elephant Leather Preserver in a soft, lint-free cloth and evenly apply the leather surface in a circular pattern from seam to seam. The care intervals result from the feel and look. If the leather is dirty, the cleaning is recommended, and it looks dry or has too many signs of use, a care treatment is advised.125 ml Aniline Cleaner in the foam dispenser bottle and 125 ml Elephant Leather Preserver are sufficient to handle a whole set of furniture several times. 

with Sneaker Cleaner
Sneaker and Shoe Cleaning Kit ND
The Sneaker Set is perfect for gently cleaning sneakers and athletic shoes made of any material.  1 x Sneaker Cleaner, 200 ml1 x Cleaning Brush1 x Cleaning Sponge 2 x ClothWith the COLOURLOCK Sneaker Set, various fabrics such as leather, vinyl, mesh, or other textiles can be effectively cleaned. Despite its intensive action, the COLOURLOCK Sneaker Cleaner does not harm the material, making it possible to remove dirt and stubborn stains from light mesh fabric or white soles without leaving any residue. Sneakers made from different materials can be easily cleaned with just one product. Additionally, the COLOURLOCK Sneaker Cleaner has a disinfecting and bacteria-reducing effect, mitigating unpleasant odors. As the COLOURLOCK Sneaker Cleaner is a foam cleaner, it prevents materials from hardening after use, unlike liquid cleaners. You can find the COLOURLOCK Sneaker Cleaner in a practical foam dispenser bottle. This allows for optimal dosage, resulting in minimal consumption.

Leather Washing Set
Leather and Fur Wash Concentrate is suitable for washing almost every kind of leather. This can be done in the washing machine,at a low temperature (under 35 °C (95 °F), the same as for wool. Rest assured that, provided you follow the instructions, the leather will not shrink and it will come out clean and soft.Amount: Set 250 ml and 100 ml Before washing please note: Heavily soiled garments or greasy collars, cuffs etc. should be pre-soaked in luke-warm water and the problem areas pre-treated with the Wash Concentrate and a soft brush. With leather garments of more than one color, or those made from a mixture of leather and textile, or with a light colored lining, some color-bleeding can occur. In such cases always soak in COLOURLOCK Leather Fixative before washing. Never wash two different garments together. Always wash the two or three parts of a dress or trouser suit, together. Fading and scuff marks may be hidden by the soiling and can become visible after cleaning. On some leather types the dyes have not been fixed to the fibre. Others are coated with oils or waxes. Such garments will be clean after washing but will have a changed surface or appearance. Loose buttons or too loosely sewn decorative applications must be removed or secured before washing. Sheepskins with a white underside: Always cut off a small piece and use it for a test. If it becomes hard, it means the garment has been subject to a kind of tanning that is washed out in water. In which case, do not wash. Leather Fixative Pre-treatment COLOURLOCK Leather Fixative is used to fix colors on leather garments during washing. It can also be used for the removal of water stains on natural and aniline leather. For leather-textile mixtures, multi-colored garments, single-colored garments in black, red, blue, bordeaux and green: Always pre-soak in a bath with Leather Fixative! Effect: Fixes tanning agents, colors and lipids inside the leather. Prevents the colors from washing out. Use preferably prior to washing.  Use in the bath, not in the washing machine. Add half a bottle to approx. 10 litres hand hot water, max. 30 °C until covered. Motorcycle suits: use a full bottle Soak the garment thoroughly for approx. 60 minutes, moving occasionally. Put it into the washing machine,without rinsing. Careful: The product contains natural volatile acids. Avoid skin contact, use rubber gloves. Wash off skin or eyes with generous amounts of water. Keep away from children.  Leather & Fur Washing Concentrate, Hand Wash Instructions Suitable for hand-washing all suede and napa leathers, including jackets, coats, shirts, trousers, motorcycle suits and gloves. Depending on the garment size use ⅓ – ½ bottle + approx. 12 litres of warm water. Cover the garment. Keep the temperature below 35°C (95°F). For a complete motorcycle suit or large coat, use 1 bottle and enough water to cover. Soak for about 30 minutes and wash by hand. Treat heavy soiling with a soft brush. When clean, remove and rinse once in clean warm water. Surface Cleaning: using a thin concentrate 1:50, wipe the surface or use a brush.  Leather & Fur Washing Concentrate, Machine Wash Only use the delicates or wool program and do not exceed 35°C (95°F). Suitable for all suede and grain leather, such as jackets, coats, shirts, trousers, folklore costumes, motorcycle clothing and gloves. Also ideal for leather/textile-combinations. Depending on garment size add ⅓ – ½ bottle to the machine. Motorcycle suits or large coats will need one whole bottle. Heavy soiling: soak for 1 hour and pre-treat with a soft brush dipped in concentrate. Wash with the delicates or wool program at no more than 35°C (95°F). At the end of the wash-cycle, only spin for about 30 seconds. Remove the wet garment, shake and stretch out the folds. Hang or lay the wet garment on a towel at room temperature away from sun or heat. This can sometimes take several days, depending on the leather…but it’s worth it. Important: Never dry in a drier or with heat! After drying, the leather fibres will be stuck together. Pull and stretch the garment into shape in all directions and, if needed, cold tumble dry (inside out), for about 15 - 30 minutes. Do not use heat. Nubuck and suede should be brushed with a soft brush.   The care of leather garments Coated Top-Grain Leather Many top-grain leathers (such as motorcycle leather) have pigmented protective coatings to make them waterproof and more resistant to fading and staining. These leathers are easy to recognize, as rubbed-on moisture will not sink in and darken the leather. Care instructions: Scuffs and wear can be easily repaired with COLOURLOCK Leather Fresh in the correct tone. Top-Grain leather clothing should be protected and nourished by wiping with COLOURLOCK Leather Care & Waterproofing Oil at least twice a year. This prevents cracking, shrinkage and stains. Open Pored Top Grain Leather (napa, aniline) These are leathers which are dyed throughout but, in order to maintain their look and feel, their surfaces have not been coated. A little pressure or rubbing with moisture will darken these. Care instructions: Regular treatment with COLOURLOCK Aniline Cream (every 2-3 months) will prevent water or fat stains. Older aniline leathers can be revitalized by regular treatment with our COLOURLOCK Aniline Protector. This adds softening oils, anti-oxidants, UV-filters and intensifies the dyes. For heavy fading consult a leather professional. Suedes and Nubucks These are leathers with a velour (slightly furry) surface. Typical are pig, goat, cow-hide, nubuck or suede, deerskin, elk and lamb. Care instructions: treat at least 1-2 times per year with our COLOURLOCK Aniline Protector, an aerosol designed to protect against fading and dryness. It is also ideal for re-conditioning suedes and nubucks after washing. It restores the freshness of the color. Heavy fading of all kinds of leather can only be restored by a professional. Do not forget to waterproof the open surface of such leathers with COLOURLOCK Leather Waterproofing Pump Spray. To remove light soiling brush with our soft Leather Brush or use the Nubuck Eraser. 

Leather Essence Kit leather scented freshener
There’s nothing like the smell of new leather but, after a while it loses its distinctive scent. For our customers who want to recapture that new leather smell, we have developed a leather scent in cooperation with a perfume specialist: The COLOURLOCK Leather Essence.Contents: 30 ml leather essence bottle, application sponge and small leather pad.Application areas: Car Leather, Furniture LeatherFor: Artificial leather, Aniline leather, Refined aniline leather, Pigmented leather, PU leather, Pull Up leather, Semi-aniline leather, Suede and nubuck leatherModern tanning methods mean that leather doesn’t smell for as long as it used to. Previously, vegetable tanning was the main method. This, together with the use of moisturizing agents was what gave the leather a special aroma. Some of the old compounds, such as nitro-musk which influenced the scent, are now banned. Today most car, furniture and garment leather is chrome-tanned. The result is more or less odour-neutral as the leather’s own scent is relatively weak. Sometimes, new bag, belt or jacket leather can have an unpleasant smell where low-quality fish oil or other odourous substances have been used to treat it during manufacture. This tends to occur in low-end products, which are best avoided if possible. Some leathers will give off a bad odour if they have been stored in a damp place and been attacked by mould and mildew. Please see our instruction on mildew removal.Amount: 30 ml setAlways test any products first on a hidden area in case they affect the colour.Apply the essence with a sponge, either on the small leather pad included with the set or directly onto the leather. The Essence can also be mixed into the COLOURLOCK Leather Protector. If using the included pad, place it in an invisible area. The intensity of the scent depends on the amount used, air circulation and temperature. The warmer the environment, the stronger the scent.

for vegan leather
Clean and Care Kit for Vegan Leather
More and more frequently, new materials as an alternative to leather are available. One of them is "vegan leather". In the so-called "vegan leather", vegetable fibers are added in production. These fibers are a by-product of the production of fruit juices and the harvest of fruits. These new materials not only have the appearance of leather, they are also strong and durable. For hygienic reasons and for preservation, such surfaces should be cleaned and protected regularly. The care set for "vegan leather" contains everything needed for cleaning and maintenance. Dirty surfaces become clean again and the surfaces are protected against new dirt and aging. 1 x Cleaner for Vegan Leather, 125 ml 1 x Protector for Vegan Leather, 150 ml1 x Cleaning Brush1 x Cleaning Sponge1 x Cloth Fields of application: Car, steering wheel, furniture, bags and cases, leather clothing, shoes and boots, saddle In the so-called "vegan leather", vegetable fibers are added in production. These fibers are a by-product of the production of fruit juices and the harvest of fruits. These new materials not only have the appearance of leather, they are also strong and durable. For hygienic reasons and for preservation, such surfaces should be cleaned and protected regularly. The care set for "vegan leather" contains everything needed for cleaning and maintenance. Dirty surfaces become clean again and the surfaces are protected against new dirt and aging. Thoroughly clean heavily soiled surfaces with the cleaner for vegan leather. In case of dirt in the grain structure, use the cleaning brush. The Protector for vegan leather seals the surfaces afterwards reducing the accumulation of new dirt and brittleness. The Protector does not change the gloss level. Amounts: The care set for vegan leather is available in two sizes: with 125 ml Cleaner for Vegan Leather and 150 ml Protector for Vegan Leather or as a liter set. The smaller size , the 125/150 ml combination, is usually sufficient to treat a complete interior in a vehicle or a set of furniture. The cleaner is used only on dirty areas, but the Protector is applied to all surfaces. The liter set is suitable for several vehicle interiors and furniture sets or boat interiors (Please ask us for 1 liter set) . When stored in frost-free conditions and not too warm, the products will keep for several years.APPLICATIONAlways test all products first on a concealed area for changes!Cleaner for vegan leather: Apply the cleaning foam to a sponge. Clean the entire surface with the foam. For heavy soiling and dirt in the grain, use the cleaning brush. Wipe up the dirty foam with a clean damp cloth. If you use a light-colored cloth, look at how dirty the cloth is to check whether further cleaning is necessary. Protector for vegan leather: Use the Protector for vegan leather only after the surfaces have dried and only after cleaning. Rub a little Protector for vegan leather into a soft cloth or take an application sponge and apply thinly and evenly. Allow it to dry without re-polishing. One application is usually sufficient. Repeat the process only for extremely sensitive colors (such as snow white) or stressed surfaces. Repeat the treatment every 3 months for stressed surfaces and every 6 to 12 months for normally stressed surfaces. If it is dirty, always clean it prior to application!