Leather Cleaning Brush normal
The Leather Cleaning Brush is ideal for:  Using with the Mild or Strong Leather Cleaner to remove ingrained dirt Using with the COLOURLOCK Cleaner for Artificial Leather to remove ingrained dirt from vinyl or plastics Brushing up nubuck and suede Polishing shoes and boots with COLOURLOCK Elephant Leather Preserver Amount: 1 piece. One brush is usually sufficient for cleaning a car interior or a set of furniture multiple times.With its durable bristles and high-quality wooden handle, the Colourlock Leather Cleaning Brush is great for removing dirt and stains effectively and gently from leather car seats, sofas, chairs, clothing and handbags. It can also be used to clean Alcantara and other Textile materials as long as it is used gently.
Brush Size

Leather Sanding Pad
The Leather Sanding Pad is ideal for:  Smoothing rough areas before applying COLOURLOCK Leather Fresh or COLOURLOCK Liquid Leather. Cleaning greasy areas on nubuck and suede. Careful sanding during professional colouring in the workshop. Amount: Pack of 5 Application Rub the leather gently with the pad in a circular motion. Avoid gouging and deep scratches. Both faces of the pad can be used. It can be washed out with water.  Before colouring nappa leather, the surfaces should be sanded carefully. Our Leather Sanding Pad is ideal for this step.

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Sponge Set
The palm-sized sponges are suitable for cleaning large areas and for applying COLOURLOCK Leather Fresh.Application areas: Car Leather, Furniture Leather, Shoes, Bags & Accessories, Leather Clothing, Alcantara & TextileFor more delicate work, the sponges can also be cut into smaller pieces or wedges. They are reusable provided they are washed out immediately afterwards.Amount: 3, 25 or 50 sponges
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Long Stainless Steel Spatula with wooden handl
This spatula, with its long and flexible tip, is ideal for spreading COLOURLOCK Fluid Leather repairs evenly. The spatula can also be used for positioning the Backlining Cloth when repairing rips and holes, or for economical application of the COLOURLOCK Leather Glue.Amount: 1 piece.Application areas: Artificial leather, Aniline leather, Pigmented leather, PU leather, Semi-aniline leatherUse the spatula to evenly spread the repair products. Wash after use, ensuring that any product traces are removed from the tip.The spatula is used to smooth repairs with liquid leather.The spatula is a practical aid for positioning the fabric when back-gluing cracks and holes in leathers or artificial leathers.The spatula can be used to evenly distribute a flat application of adhesive.The spatula can be used as a barrier to other colored leathers or seams when dyeing with Leather Fresh, where masking would be too time-consuming.

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Microfibre cloth 40 x 40 cm
The Microfibre Cloth in a radiant yellow shade can be used for everything. It is suitable for intensive and streak-free cleaning and polishing of all surfaces. Due to its strong absorption capacity, dust, dirt, and even greasy liquids can be removed without leaving any residue. It is gentle on leather and textile surfaces and leaves no scratches. Fields of Application: Car, steering wheel, furniture, bags and suitcases, leather clothing, shoes and boots, saddle The COLOURLOCK Microfibre Cloth can be cleaned in the washing machine at max. 60 °C with the addition of microfibre cleaner or other liquid detergents. It can be reused many times. Please follow our washing instructions: Do not add bleach or other softeners to the wash. Do not wash the microfibre cloth with other kinds of fabrics or materials. After the wash cycle, the COLOURLOCK Microfibre Cloth can be dried on the lowest setting in the dryer or air-dried.40 x 40 cm

Polishing Cloth (Pack of 2)
The Soft Viscose Cloths are ideal for the application of care products (COLOURLOCK Leather Protector, COLOURLOCK Leather Shield, COLOURLOCK Old Leather Softener, COLOURLOCK PU Protector). Rub COLOURLOCK Elephant Leather Preserver into the cloth first before applying it on the leather.Perfect cloths for cleaning without scratching, ensuring a streak-free finish. They are made from modern viscose fibres which are very absorbent (13% as opposed to 8% for cotton) and pick up dust and dirt easily.

Garment Brush
The Garment Brush is a soft brush with a long wooden handle.This brush is for brushing up nubuck and suede clothing after washing. It can also be used for brushing off lint or general dusting of leather surfaces.Amount: 1 piece.

Suede & Nubuck Eraser
The Nubuck Eraser, along with the Leather Sanding Pad, will remove stains from suede and nubuck. The Sanding Pad should be applied to larger areas, while the Eraser is more appropriate for individual crusty stains. The Eraser can also be used to remove dirt on hard surfaces (such as shoes) and sleeve/collar edges of leather clothing.  Application Localized soiling is often not easy to remove. Using a corner of the Eraser, rub the affected area in a circular motion. If a stain proves too resistant, you may have to stop to prevent damaging the leather surface.

Polishing Pad
Very fine sanding surface for retouching and finishing repairs Comes as a sponge pad to soften the pressure when sanding Soft padding allows it to sand different shapes Can be washed and reused Made in Germany Application areas: Car Leather, Furniture Leather, Shoes, Bags & Accessories, Leather ClothingThe COLOURLOCK Sanding Pad 4000 is used to sand newly applied dyes and top coats. Its extremely fine grain helps achieve a perfect smooth surface after the spraying process denibbing any imperfections trapped on the paint layer. The pad can be washed with water for reuse.

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Mini-Brush - pack of 10
The Mini Brushes come into use with various leather repair work involving glues and colours.1. The Mini Brushes are excellent for the sparing dosage of leather glue onto tears, thin borders of rips, superficial cuts or behind open abrasions.2. The Mini Brushes allow diligent application of colour along differently-toned stitches or during precision work. Gather up some colour and brush it off slightly, proceeding with the necessary colour work.For: Artificial leather, Aniline leather, Refined aniline leather, Pigmented leather, PU leather, Pull Up leather, Semi-aniline leather, Suede and nubuck leather

Protection Cover

CleanGrip for the black leather cleaning brush
The CleanGrip is a high-quality accessory for gentle cleaning of smooth leather, suede leather, synthetic leather, and textiles. The grip is specially designed for the large black leather cleaning brush and makes it easier to work with the brush during long and intensive applications. Suitable for the black leather cleaning brushErgonomic design for long-lasting comfort during cleaning Ideal for long and intensive applications to avoid quick fatigue A non-slip surface that ensures the brush can be held securely even with wet hands. Together with the handle and our black leather cleaning brush, you can effectively and gently clean and care for your leather products. Instructions: Hold the CleanGrip firmly in your hand. Insert the back of the brush first into one side of the grip and then snap the brush between your thumb and forefinger into the other recess of the handle. Check that the brush is securely seated in the grip by shaking it lightly or gently pulling on it. Once the brush is securely seated in the handle, you can start cleaning your leather products.