Grain Maker Kit
To make repairs invisible, an exact imprint of the leather structure must be pressed into the filling repair products.The COLOURLOCK Grain Maker Kit is a quickly hardening, two-component product to create Repair Grains to press a grain structure into the repair area, filled with Filler, Fluid Leather or Leather & Plastic Paste.

Leather and Plastic Paste 7 ml
The Leather & Plastic Paste is ideal for repairs of smaller damages in leather, vinyl and plastic which need to be done quickly. Especially smart repair and repair departments in the industrial production of leather goods prefer the fast drying of the paste. Allows the repair to be filled and can be dried instantly by embossing a heated repair grain (grain structure of the leather).

Top Coat
COLOURLOCK Top Coat is a clear transparent product which seals the colour coat. It gives the leather's surface a protective seal against water and dirt, making it insensitive against general wear and tear. The Top Coat is available in a "Dull", "Gloss", "High Gloss" and "Vehicle, Furniture, Vinyl" versions. All versions can be mixed with each other. Professionals usually use the "Matt" and "Gloss" version and mix the two to get the desired level of gloss.Companies that don't work with these products on a regular basis tend to stock the 'ready-to-use' satin Top Coat "Vehicle, Furniture and Vinyl". The Top Coat "High Gloss" is for surfaces where the "Top Coat Gloss" does not provide satisfactory results. The Top Coat always has to be applied with Crosslinker IC2. The Crosslinker provides the necessary stability for the Top Coat. Only on very soft Aniline, where the grip of the leather should be preserved as well as possible, very little Top Coat without Crosslinker may be applied. Important: This product will need to be sprayed using a spray gun. It is suitable only for professionals who repair leather on a regular basis and have experience in spray work.Please consult us before buying this product if you have any doubts or questions.
Top Coat
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Thermopad Silicone Pad
The Thermopad is an underlay silicone pad which is used to hold the COLOURLOCK Repair Grain when it is heated up, as well as used to press the grain evenly onto the leather's surface to emboss it. This pad will prevent burning the table when heating it up and your hand when pressing to emboss. Made in GermanyProtects your hands from touching very hot repair grain patch when embossingHelps pressing grain patch to achieve an even embossingSize: 10cm diameter x 1cm thickness

Crosslinker CD
Crosslinker CD improves the friction values, sensitivity and protective qualities of COLOURLOCK Top Coat. It makes the surface more robust, and reduces the consumption of Top Coat. Dosing: For soft leather surfaces COLOURLOCK Crosslinker CD is added to COLOURLOCK Top Coat: 1% for soft furniture and garment leathers, 2% for robust and stressed car and furniture leathers. When re-colouring car or furniture leathers, add: 2% of COLOURLOCK Crosslinker CD to the COLOURLOCK Leather Colour and 1% in the COLOURLOCK Top Coat for soft furniture and garment leathers, 2% in the COLOURLOCK Top Coat for robust and stressed car and furniture leathers. For artificial leathers and vegan leathers: 5% in the COLOURLOCK Leather Colour and 5% in the COLOURLOCK Top Coat.For hard or plastic-like surfaces (steering wheels, dashboards etc.) add: 8% into the COLOURLOCK Plastic Primer ND, 8% in the COLOURLOCK Leather Colour and 8% in the COLOURLOCK Top Coat. Important: The mixture of Top Coat and Crosslinker has to be stirred well before every use. If the mixture is not stirred before use, it may dissolve the colour over time if exposed to water. Crosslinker CD is extremely reactive with water. All contact with water and humidity should be avoided. Always close the lid after use. The Crosslinker becomes viscous and then hard when in contact with water. Mix only as much Top Coat with Crosslinker as you need for the subsequent treatment. Otherwise the Crosslinker will lose its effect. Please follow the safety instructions. This product will need to be sprayed using a spray gun. It is suitable only for professionals who repair leather on a regular basis and have experience in spray work.
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Leather Filler
Leather Filler is perfect for repairing scuffs, cracked leather, tears, rips and holes on leather car seats, furniture, sofas, settees, handbags, leather jackets, etc. The surface of COLOURLOCK Fluid Leather is smooth and matt once dry. To hide the repair, a colouration with COLOURLOCK Leather Fresh dye in the respective colour is necessary. Lightly dab the COLOURLOCK Leather Fresh several times with a sponge on the repair and dry with a hair dryer in between the layers until the desired covering is achieved. Smooth rough areas and scratches with the COLOURLOCK Leather Sanding Pad before starting any repairs with COLOURLOCK Leather Filler.The Leather Filler has a removable cap. Remove the cap and fill the damaged areas. Evenly spread the filler with a Spatula. Let the repair dry according to the amount used - max 1-2 hours. Repeat the procedure until the repaired area is as full and smooth as possible. Use COLOURLOCK GLD Pen to make the surface smooth. Finally, repairs with COLOURLOCK Leather Filler must be recoloured with COLOURLOCK Leather Fresh to balance differences in colour and gloss. In order to cover the COLOURLOCK Leather Filler sufficiently, the COLOURLOCK Leather Fresh should be dabbed onto the area several times and dried in between the layers with a hair dryer. For purposes of care, the leather should be treated with COLOURLOCK Leather Protector a day later.Please Note: COLOURLOCK Leather Filler is only recommended for damage where a filling is necessary. Scratches and general wear and tear on the colour surface do not require a treatment with COLOURLOCK Fluid Leather. In such cases, we recommend to smooth the surface with the COLOURLOCK Leather Sanding Pad and to refresh the colour with COLOURLOCK Leather Fresh dye.

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Stitch-Covering Gel 20 ml
With Stitch-Covering Gel, you cover the contrasting stitches before colouring. Unlike tape, the gel covers only the area that is not to be dyed. The Stitch-Covering Gel wraps completely around the thread and the dye cannot reach the thread from the side. Wait until the gel is dry, this can take up to 6 hours or use a hair dryer to dry it at about 130 °C for 1 - 2 minutes. Afterwards, the leather can be dyed normally with Leather Fresh or Leather Colour / Top Coat. After dyeing, simply peel off the thread protection gel. Furniture upholstery and car leather often has stitching that contrasts with the base colour. This also happens with clothing and bags. Dyeing these leather items while preserving the original colour of the stitches is a challenge. But with stitch-covering gel and a steady hand, it can be done. Tips! The gel is ideal for protecting embroidered lettering or logos from the leather recolouring process. For large areas, you can use the Stitch-Covering Gel as a supplement to the COLOURLOCK Masking Tape for Stitches. Often stitches in a different colour from the leather should not be dyed and have to be protected.

COLOURLOCK Primer ensures good adhesion between the leather surface and the leather colour. It is sticky, and sinks into the leather binding the colour to the surface. It has a very soft binder and reduces the use of colour considerably, which increases the softness of the leather. Before priming, the leather should be prepared (cleaned and sanded) according to the instructions provided. The amount used must be according to the kind of leather it is being used on. The more porous a leather is, the more primer should be used. For extremely porous leather we recommend 'Primer PLUS' which is a concentrated product and only recommended on porous leather. Pre-treating repair areas (scratches, tears, holes, etc) with Primer improves the adhesion of the leather filler and makes the repair more durable. In case of rips and cracks, the primer can also be applied with a sponge or a brush. The Primer can also be used as a thinner for the Leather Colour (max. 30%), so it is ideal if aniline leather needs minor recolouring and a soft grip (like for garments). This product will need to be sprayed using a spray gun. It is suitable only for professionals who repair leather on a regular basis and have experience in spray work.
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Leather Colour
COLOURLOCK Leather Colour is the best choice for recolouring or changing the colour of pigmented Napa leather, vinyl and plastic. Leather Colour is applied with a spray gun or an airbrush. The leather colour has a high covering power but still maintains the features of the leather. It can also be used for converting nubuck to napa and aniline leather to pigmented leather. The Leather Colour is a water based formula that gives extremely high adhesion values if used correctly. It is fully approved for use by leading manufacturers in the automotive , furniture and the aircraft industry. The COLOURLOCK repair method requires that you use Primer, Top Coat and Crosslinker for best and long lasting results. Available in 22 primary colours. Additionally, we offer a pallet of five luminous colours that can be mixed with the 22 primary colours.Note - This product will need to be sprayed using a spray gun. It is suitable only for professionals who repair leather on a regular basis and have experience in spray work.
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Glue-Tex Backlining Cloth

Grease Absorber Paste ND
Grease Absorber is a gel-like solvent mixture with an absorbent agent, which is ideal for treating old grease stains in the arm and headrest areas of smooth leather furniture.
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Plastic Primer ND
Vinyl, vegan leather and plastics can be used with the appropriate preparatory work be colored without any primer. With sufficient addition from COLOURLOCK Crosslinker the color adhesion is optimal. However, hard plastic must be primed with the COLOURLOCK plastic primer ND with the addition of Crosslinker. This significantly improves adhesion to hard plastics. Clean the surface with COLOURLOCK GLD solvent ND or COLOURLOCK TOP remover, roughen slightly with the COLOURLOCK sanding pad and spray gun the primer thinly. Dry briefly with the hair dryer and apply the colour.
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Nubuck & Suede Fresh
Nubuk Fresh is a gentle water-based tint suitable for refreshing and re-tinting suede and buffalo leather that is not too faded. 1 liter is sufficient for one leather set. In rare cases the need may be higher. 250 ml is sufficient for smaller objects or for blending. Nubuk Fresh 250 ml is only available in the basic colors for self-mixing. From one liter also special colors and colors F001 - F046 are mixed. ADVANTAGES Nubuk Fresh is easy to use and can easily correct light fading of dark suede. In case of strong fading and dark stains on light leathers, the covering power is not sufficient! Recoloring is not possible!Nubuk Fresh can be applied either with a sponge, a pump spray bottle or with a spray gun. Application with a spray gun is always the first choice.Nubuk Fresh has a pleasant feel with very good adhesion. Nubuck, velour, aniline and buffalo leathers regain their color freshness after treatment.   APPLICATION Always test all products first on a concealed area for changes! Always thoroughly clean and degrease the smooth or nubuck leather to be treated before dyeing! If possible, dry-clean the leather first, especially if it is very greasy. Otherwise clean with the leather cleaning petrol and/or the grease remover spray and/or with the leather sanding pad. Leather that is too heavily spotted or leather that has been soaked with sweat is not suitable for color refreshing. The tint would not be accepted evenly and would not adhere sufficiently to the leather fiber. Spray Nubuk Fresh thinly from seam to seam and allow to dry. After drying, carefully brush or rub the surface with a terry cloth towel. Repeat process as needed. Be careful of drips. They will cause stains. Redyeing or lightening of rough leathers is not possible. For very dark leathers used in cars and furniture, Nubuk Fresh can also be applied with a sponge. Rough leathers - when they are new - always give off color slightly. Even after treatment with Nubuk Fresh, a white cloth will produce a slight abrasion. However, this is harmless. If a fixation is still desired, Nubuk Fresh Neutral can be applied after the color refreshment. In addition to the impregnation, this also fixes the color. In extreme cases, add 1% Crosslinker IC2. Always treat nubuck leather with Aniline & Rough Leather Protector and Leather Impregnation. This maintains the leather, keeps it supple, and reimpregnates the leather.
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CleanGrip for the black leather cleaning brush
The CleanGrip is a high-quality accessory for gentle cleaning of smooth leather, suede leather, synthetic leather, and textiles. The grip is specially designed for the large black leather cleaning brush and makes it easier to work with the brush during long and intensive applications. Suitable for the black leather cleaning brushErgonomic design for long-lasting comfort during cleaning Ideal for long and intensive applications to avoid quick fatigue A non-slip surface that ensures the brush can be held securely even with wet hands. Together with the handle and our black leather cleaning brush, you can effectively and gently clean and care for your leather products. Instructions: Hold the CleanGrip firmly in your hand. Insert the back of the brush first into one side of the grip and then snap the brush between your thumb and forefinger into the other recess of the handle. Check that the brush is securely seated in the grip by shaking it lightly or gently pulling on it. Once the brush is securely seated in the handle, you can start cleaning your leather products.

COLOURLOCK Duller is a dulling agent to reduce the gloss level of Leather Colours applied on extremely matt surfaced leathers, which is especially the case with new vehicle leathers. More info: Add up to 5% Duller to the COLOURLOCK Leather Colour and use as normal. It is also possible to add up to 3% to the Top Coat. However, this can cause a greying effect on dark leathers. For this reason, we recommend adding it to the paint. To reduce the greying effect a max. 3% of Leather Colour can be added to the Top Coat. This product will need to be sprayed using a spray gun. It is suitable only for professionals who repair leather on a regular basis and have experience in spray work.
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ColourScannerPRO Measure Device
for leather repair incl. database, scanner, bag, charging cable, color wheel What is the biggest problem with repairing leather? We asked our customers and received the same reply over and over again: How can I manage mixing the right and fitting leather colour? Until now, the answer (and the challenge to the craftsman) was: a solid training, a keen eye for colours and lots and lots of mixing experience. This will no longer be an issue - introducing the ColourScannerPRO! The ColourScannerPRO is a very compact, Bluetooth®-tethered tool for formula selection which enables you to scan leather colours and immediately view fitting formula suggestions – making colour mixing a breeze. The device will be calibrated by us and comes readily supplied with our up-to-date formula database, containing more than 500 colours from the automotive and furniture sector. We are continuously working on expanding this selection (aiming for 5,000 colours), steadily improving measuring precision. Simply use your mobile phone (iOS and Android alike) to measure leather colours, to receive mixing suggestions or to create new formulas.