TOP Remover
COLOURLOCK TOP Remover − TOP Entferner removes discolouration on leather and synthetic leather and removes top coat and leather paint. It is the solvent-free alternative to the COLOURLOCK GLD Solvent and COLOURLOCK Solvent Cleaner.Application: Depending on the material, you should first try cleaning with COLOURLOCK Leather Cleaner Strong or COLOURLOCK Synthetic Leather Cleaner. If the attempt is unsuccessful, apply a little TOP Remover – TOP Entferner to a white terry cloth and use it to carefully clean the surface. Always test the procedure in a concealed area first!After cleaning with TOP Remover – TOP Entferner the leather must be re-cared for and protected with a care product suitable for the type of leather.

Content: 250 ml (US$11.95* / 100 ml)

Variants from US$20.04*
Wet Wipes Mild Leather Cleaner, 500 ml, Tub of 90 Wipes, 150 x 300 mm
Made in Germany Pack of 90 wipes. Size per wipe 150 x 300 mm Long lasting, easy to use and wipes do not dry out Ideal for regular cleaning of car interiors, furniture and other leather items Also ideal for cleaning spillages or dirt. Can also be used on plastic items COLOURLOCK Soft Clean Wipes are soaked in a effective but gentle cleaner for full-grain and coated leathers. Each bucket of wipes contains 90 wipes per box (size per wipe 150 x 300mm). Use the wipe on the leather surface cleaning from seam to seam. Do not rub hard! Rinse off cleaner residue with a clean moist cloth. Allow the leather to dry on its own away from sources of sunlight and heat. Difficult stains should be cleaned using COLOURLOCK Leather Cleaning Brush. After cleaning always treat the leather with a suitable COLOURLOCK care product. Not suitable for absorbent leathers such as suede or nubuck.