Leather and Plastic Paste 7 ml
The Leather & Plastic Paste is ideal for repairs of smaller damages in leather, vinyl and plastic which need to be done quickly. Especially smart repair and repair departments in the industrial production of leather goods prefer the fast drying of the paste. Allows the repair to be filled and can be dried instantly by embossing a heated repair grain (grain structure of the leather).

Leather Filler
Leather Filler is perfect for repairing scuffs, cracked leather, tears, rips and holes on leather car seats, furniture, sofas, settees, handbags, leather jackets, etc. The surface of COLOURLOCK Fluid Leather is smooth and matt once dry. To hide the repair, a colouration with COLOURLOCK Leather Fresh dye in the respective colour is necessary. Lightly dab the COLOURLOCK Leather Fresh several times with a sponge on the repair and dry with a hair dryer in between the layers until the desired covering is achieved. Smooth rough areas and scratches with the COLOURLOCK Leather Sanding Pad before starting any repairs with COLOURLOCK Leather Filler.The Leather Filler has a removable cap. Remove the cap and fill the damaged areas. Evenly spread the filler with a Spatula. Let the repair dry according to the amount used - max 1-2 hours. Repeat the procedure until the repaired area is as full and smooth as possible. Use COLOURLOCK GLD Pen to make the surface smooth. Finally, repairs with COLOURLOCK Leather Filler must be recoloured with COLOURLOCK Leather Fresh to balance differences in colour and gloss. In order to cover the COLOURLOCK Leather Filler sufficiently, the COLOURLOCK Leather Fresh should be dabbed onto the area several times and dried in between the layers with a hair dryer. For purposes of care, the leather should be treated with COLOURLOCK Leather Protector a day later.Please Note: COLOURLOCK Leather Filler is only recommended for damage where a filling is necessary. Scratches and general wear and tear on the colour surface do not require a treatment with COLOURLOCK Fluid Leather. In such cases, we recommend to smooth the surface with the COLOURLOCK Leather Sanding Pad and to refresh the colour with COLOURLOCK Leather Fresh dye.

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Nubuck & Suede Fresh
Nubuk Fresh is a gentle water-based tint suitable for refreshing and re-tinting suede and buffalo leather that is not too faded. 1 liter is sufficient for one leather set. In rare cases the need may be higher. 250 ml is sufficient for smaller objects or for blending. Nubuk Fresh 250 ml is only available in the basic colors for self-mixing. From one liter also special colors and colors F001 - F046 are mixed. ADVANTAGES Nubuk Fresh is easy to use and can easily correct light fading of dark suede. In case of strong fading and dark stains on light leathers, the covering power is not sufficient! Recoloring is not possible!Nubuk Fresh can be applied either with a sponge, a pump spray bottle or with a spray gun. Application with a spray gun is always the first choice.Nubuk Fresh has a pleasant feel with very good adhesion. Nubuck, velour, aniline and buffalo leathers regain their color freshness after treatment.   APPLICATION Always test all products first on a concealed area for changes! Always thoroughly clean and degrease the smooth or nubuck leather to be treated before dyeing! If possible, dry-clean the leather first, especially if it is very greasy. Otherwise clean with the leather cleaning petrol and/or the grease remover spray and/or with the leather sanding pad. Leather that is too heavily spotted or leather that has been soaked with sweat is not suitable for color refreshing. The tint would not be accepted evenly and would not adhere sufficiently to the leather fiber. Spray Nubuk Fresh thinly from seam to seam and allow to dry. After drying, carefully brush or rub the surface with a terry cloth towel. Repeat process as needed. Be careful of drips. They will cause stains. Redyeing or lightening of rough leathers is not possible. For very dark leathers used in cars and furniture, Nubuk Fresh can also be applied with a sponge. Rough leathers - when they are new - always give off color slightly. Even after treatment with Nubuk Fresh, a white cloth will produce a slight abrasion. However, this is harmless. If a fixation is still desired, Nubuk Fresh Neutral can be applied after the color refreshment. In addition to the impregnation, this also fixes the color. In extreme cases, add 1% Crosslinker IC2. Always treat nubuck leather with Aniline & Rough Leather Protector and Leather Impregnation. This maintains the leather, keeps it supple, and reimpregnates the leather.
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