How to treat leather cases and bags


PIGMENTED LEATHER: Depending on the use, we recommend a treatment every 6 to 12 months with COLOURLOCK Elephant Leather Preserver. This product is ideal for pigmented smooth leather and prolongs the lifespan. It protects against fading, drying, stains and wear. Soiled leather should be cleaned with COLOURLOCK Mild Leather Cleaner.

ANILINE LEATHER: Aniline leather is sensitive to stains. Therefore the protection should be performed with COLOURLOCK Aniline Cream on dull leather and COLOURLOCK Gloss Cream on shiny leather. These creams have a high water- and oil-repellent effect. Coarse and porous and very sensitive leather should be protected with COLOURLOCK Waterproofing for Leather & Textiles.

SUEDE AND NUBUCK: Bags made of nubuck or suede should be used carefully to avoid soiling. Protect such bags with COLOURLOCK Waterproofing for Leather & Textiles to avoid stains. Heavily soiled bags can be washed entirely by hand or in the washing machine with LEDER FEIN Leather & Fur Wash Concentrate. Pay attention to the detailed washing instructions.

PULL UP LEATHER: Soiled pull up leather bags can be cleaned with COLOURLOCK Mild Leather Cleaner. Heavily darkened areas can be additionally treated by carefully sanding the leather using the COLOURLOCK Leather Sanding Pad.

Depending on the finish and look of your Pull Up bag you can use any of the following products to condition and maintain them. The COLOURLOCK Aniline Cream (darkens slightly and keeps the matt/dull finish), the COLOURLOCK Gloss Cream (darkens slightly and leaves a glossy finish after drying) and the COLOURLOCK Elephant Leather Preserver (darkens less and keeps dull). The Aniline Cream and the Gloss Cream are easier to apply on larger surfaces. All products including the cleaner should be used sparingly (first rub some of it into a soft cloth and do not apply directly to the leather) and test in a hidden area. Always apply circularly and evenly from seam to seam.


Before any care treatment, clean the leather with COLOURLOCK Mild Leather Cleaner. But ensure it does not get too wet due to excessive application of the product.

Old and dry leather should be first treated with COLOURLOCK Leather Protector. The containing antioxidants stop disintegration and the soft oils keep the leather soft and protect it from drying out. The leather should additionally be sealed with COLOURLOCK Elephant Leather Preserver. For leathers which are not yet too dry, the treatment with COLOURLOCK Elephant Leather Preserver is sufficient.

In case of colour damages COLOURLOCK Leather Fresh is recommended. The original colour of the leather is refreshed. A COLOURLOCK Leather Fresh treatment also re-seals the surface.

Cracks that are not too deep and tears can be repaired and filled with COLOURLOCK Fluid Leather. Consult an experienced leather repair company for bigger damages.

Recommended products

Refresher for scratches
Leather Fresh Dye
Leather Fresh is a colour refresher (dye) for scratches, worn, or faded leather. Leather Fresh is ideal to refresh colour damages on car leather, furniture leather, leather garments and handbags. Do not use on porous leathers unless colouring the entire surface - it can make the surface appear patchy. It can be sponged on or sprayed using an airbrush.  Application Always test any products first on a hidden area to test for colour match!Firstly, clean the leather thoroughly and prepare the surface. Use Mild Leather Cleaner for normal degrees of soiling or Strong Leather Cleaner to remove heavier dirt (where the leather has been neglected for many years). Cleaning prior to treatment ensures the paint bonds to the surface well and ensures durability. Use Leather Cleaning Brush to effectively remove all ingrained dirt. Cleaning removes dirt but for long lasting results you should also de-grease using Leather Cleaning Spirit.Use a sponge to apply the colour evenly, working from seam to seam. Dry afterwards with a hair dryer. On small spots, a one application is sufficient. Apply multiple thin layers and dry each layer using a hair dryer.A day later, after it dries, apply Leather Protector. It gives the leather a good sheen and helps blend the repair. It contains antioxidants, which stops the leather's decay, and its UV filters protect the surfaces of old and valuable leathers from bleaching and fading. Also keeps the leather supple.  46 standard colours and prepared special colours according to sample or manufacturer name.Find car leather colours for Leather Fresh Dye in our Car Leather Reapair category.
Available Sizes

Elephant Leather Preserver 125 ml
Ideal for the care of leather which is exposed to the weather, or for conserving extremely dry or antique leather.Designed for treating genuine "Pull Up" furniture leather (oiled leather). Do not use on Bycast or polyurethane-coated (PU) leather.ApplicationAlways test any products first on a hidden area in case they affect the colour.Rub some preserver onto a clean, soft piece of cloth and apply to the leather. If required, use the cloth to give a final polish. The fat is difficult to use when it’s cold, so be sure to work at room temperature or warm it slightly with a hair dryer.COLOURLOCK Elephant Leather Preserver protects and waterproofs all types of nappa leather.

Leather Sanding Pad
The Leather Sanding Pad is ideal for:  Smoothing rough areas before applying COLOURLOCK Leather Fresh or COLOURLOCK Liquid Leather. Cleaning greasy areas on nubuck and suede. Careful sanding during professional colouring in the workshop. Amount: 1 piece. One pad is sufficient for a complete set of furniture or car interior.; Pack of 5 Application Rub the leather gently with the pad in a circular motion. Avoid gouging and deep scratches. Both faces of the pad can be used. It can be washed out with water.  Before colouring nappa leather, the surfaces should be sanded carefully. Our Leather Sanding Pad is ideal for this step.

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