Leather Care and Waterproofing Oil

For the care and waterproofing of natural leather on suitcases, bags, straps or saddles, for motorcycle suits and other leather garments with nappa leather (the type where a drop of water rubbed in does not darken the leather), shoes, boots, greasy and oily leathers. Not suitable for suede and nubuck!

Amount: 175 ml.

Application areas: Leather Clothing

For: Pigmented leather

Area of application

COLOURLOCK Leather Care and Waterproofing Oil was specially developed by a tannery master. It makes dry leather supple again, protects it from weathering and makes it waterproof.

Amount: 175 ml. This is usually sufficient for multiple treatments, even of larger surfaces.


Always test any products first on a hidden area in case they affect the colour.

Apply sparingly and evenly, in a circular motion, with a sponge or piece of cloth. Do not dilute. If the leather is very dry, repeat the process. Treatment should be re-applied twice a year.

Application: Care & Protect
Application Area: Leather Cloth, Saddle
Leather Type: Pigmented leather

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